Monday, December 26, 2011

What is "The West" and its outposts

It is hard to get a visual of what is, in a Furgusonesque definition, what the West looks like on a map and its lines of cultural communication.

Well - here is an interesting proxy.Via blprnt,
... tweets containing the phrases 'just landed in...' or 'just arrived in...'. Locations from these tweets are located using MetaCarta's Location Finder API. The home location for the traveling users are scraped from their Twitter pages. The system then plots these voyages over time.
Over the years you've heard me talk of the Anglosphere, non-Russia Europe and its auxiliaries in Asia constituting the true West. That mostly overlaps a Furfusonesque definition of the West.

This visualizes the concept very well methinks.


DeltaBravo said...

haha.  Interesting.  Or it could plot the locations of folks who think the world cares where they are at any given time.  In that respect it could be illustrative too.  ;)

steeljawscribe said...

...looks like a preemptive missile strike by the granola crunching Left Coast aginst the East
w/r, SJS

PK said...

this assumes that the "impotant people" tweet.

what about the rest of the bunch that don't go near twitter with a thirty foot pole?