Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Media at war, at a pivot point - on Midrats

It started after 911, something not seen for any significant duration since Vietnam - and sustained interest in military matters. As a result, we have seen an increase in the variety and number of places where you can find reporting on military matters.

From retired officers on the news networks using maps to explain the big picture, to new media, to expanded traditional coverage - a decade of war has brought a depth of knowledge that was almost non-existent in the last two decades of the last century.

With two wars and smaller skirmishes in the Long War taking place on a regular basis, the need and interest for information has kept knowledge of military history, strategy, tactics, equipment, and plans as an ongoing requirement in the media.

As the American military presence in the Iraqi war ends, Afghanistan scheduled to fade, and defense budgets contract - what is the state of the military focused media going forward?

Today, Sunday 18 DEC from 5-6pm EST for the full hour to discuss the above and to review the major Navy and military topics of the year will be returning guest Phil Ewing, editor of DODBuzz and previously with Politico and Navy Times.

Join us live if you can and pile in with the usual suspects in the chat room where you can contribute your thoughts and observation - and suggest to us questions for our guests.

If you miss the show you can always listen to the archive at blogtalkradio - but the best way to get the show and download the archive to your audio player is to get a free account and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.


Scott Brim, USAF Partisan said...

Sal, after listening to this week's show, I have to say this was one of the most insightful,  informative, and entertaining interviews you have ever had with a guest commentator, particularly for those of us interested in how the F-35 drama will eventually play itself out.

cdrsalamander said...

Awwww .... shucks. Thanks.