Saturday, December 17, 2011

Knowing your Republicans


Adversus Omnes Dissident said...

Holy Cow............that was epic.

How long before the FCC demands that this be taken down, or Eric Holder investigates this guy, or Obama has him declared a terrorist and sent down to GTMO for eternity?

John said...

OUTSTANDING!  He speaks the truth, and makes it understandable to everyone.

This 7 minute video should replace the outlandish indoctrination that is passed off as "U.S. History" in our high schools.

Thanks for sharing this one.

OutlawMike said...

Epic allright.

So why don't I hear that so clearly from any of the GOP candidates. What I hear damn clearly 5,000 kloms across the Atlantic is how they are pissing each other under.

What a feeble Republican field. If the GOP manages to squander this election all you Americans will pay a heavy, heavy price.

James said...

Never heard it put so well.

Also my fantasy is to take a legion from the time of the late roman republic and see what they would think of musolini and all the other socialist basterds who have used the legacy of rome to fund their lies.

They were brutal, agressive, ruthless, and arrogant....but they also supported pretty much all of european and north african culture. And ironicly enough they didn't seem to give a shit about race UNLIKE everyone who has tried to mount the mantle of rome on their shoulders....and failed.

Vigilis said...

<span>..."greedy, fascist, and racist", or just more of a terrorist than the New Black Panthers?

UltimaRatioRegis said...


Being white and male makes us all terror suspects in the Obama/Holder/Napolitano brave new world.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

And cowardly.

UltimaRatioRegis said...

Yes, sorry.   I probably left that one out because I am racist.

Grumpy Old Ham said...

Not "If", but "When", I fear... >:o