Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Playing in the Snowflakes

If you have not gone to former SECDEF Rumsfeld's website - you are missing a treasure trove.

This stuff is gold. He mentioned it in our interview on Midrats - but until Karen Walker's little reminder in AFJ - as pathetic as it is - I had yet to dig around.

This one, from 01MAR05 is by far one of my favorites.
TO: Dan Stanley
FROM: Donald Rumsfeld
SUBJECT: Senator Biden


Please see if you can come up with some kind of a plan that you think would be useful with respect to Senator Biden, if there is such a thing.


Now, go play around in the Snowflakes yourself.


John said...

One can only imagine the many possibilities that came to mind. 

None, sadly able to be officially adopted, I am sure!

DeltaBravo said...

Your post on Panetta's blowflakes makes me really really miss Rumsfeld and his snowflakes....


Retired Now said...

perhaps SECNAV will name an LPD as USS RUMSFIELD ?   doesn't sound too bad 

Anonymous said...

Sure sounds better than USS MURTHA, LPD-26 !

Byron said...

Strongly recommend 2006, #47..."Re QDR..." Very good stuff. Phib, it'd be very nice to get Rummy back on Midrats after reading a chunk of snowflakes!

Retired Now said...

was just told that Mrs. Rumsfield was the sponsor of LPD-24 about 9 months ago.  She broke the bottle of champaign onto the bow of USS ARLINGTON, LPD-24 which will go to sea next year.