Monday, October 17, 2011

The Four Horsemen of M-e-S

We've discussed it since the start of this blog - we've begged for the movie only now - over a decade later - is starting to make its way.

Here's one blog'rs predictions - that will be one of the most copied statues of the last half-century; miniture versions adorning desks throughout this country.


Kristen said...

Gosh, it's almost as if Hollywood is tired of losing millions on making movies that insult the military and the nation.  I hope they do the story justice.

I loved finding out about the piece of the World Trade Center that they took with them, and what they did with it.  Same feeling that I had when I learned that the very first plane off of the carrier to take the fight back to the Taliban was carrying a flag from the World Trade Center.  There's a fitness in it that satisfies my soul.

ExAFCrewDog said...

Great book about these guys and the early days of kicking taliban butt:  "The Horse Soldiers," by Doug Stanton.

Old Farter said...

Sorry to chime in so late on this one. Love the idea and agree a movie would be appropriate. I am torn, however, on the choice of headgear. (And, I might add, as a Navy guy, I should probably keep my mouth shut.) The boonie hat definitely gives it that cowboy/cavalry touch and makes it easier to identify as being a US soldier, but this actually is not the image I get when I think about how these soldiers operated. A more traditional afghani headgear would work better for me. The M4 Carbine serves as a solid identifier for me.  Different theater, but the lasting image of the Long Range Desert Group from WW2 is this: