Monday, May 31, 2010

What do you do with sexual predators?

Especially those who abuse their authority? Take your blood pressure meds Shipmate - here we go.

Well, in the Navy it looks like we give them about
7 days. Via Eric Slavin at Stars & Stripes,
A Navy doctor pleaded guilty to two counts of wrongful sexual contact and two counts of conduct unbecoming an officer in exchange for having 29 other counts of criminal allegations dropped at a Yokosuka Naval Base court-martial Wednesday.

Under the terms of a pretrial plea agreement, Lt. Cmdr. Anthony L. Velasquez, 48, will not serve more than seven days of confinement at the Yokosuka Naval Base brig.

Military judge Cmdr. David Berger sentenced Velasquez to two years in prison, a $28,000 fine and forfeiture of all pay and allowances, but the convening authority suspended the punishment in accordance with a pretrial agreement.

Velasquez will not serve any additional time or pay the fines and forfeitures unless he violates the plea agreement by committing another crime within the next year. Berger also ordered Velasquez dismissed from the Navy.
The prosecution had as many as 23 purported victims it would have called to testify against Velasquez had the trial gone forward, according to court documents.
Sometimes, the law is an a55.

How many people has this person damaged? For the rest of their lives they will carry this memory.
A former enlisted sailor testified she once looked forward to climbing the Navy’s ranks. However, she said the episode and how she was treated after reporting the Jan. 13, 2008, incident convinced her instead to leave the military.

“I wasn’t taken seriously … when I reported this; nothing happened,” said the former sailor. “I couldn’t do anything. I had no power.”

The enlisted sailor filed a report with Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents at Atsugi shortly after the incident. Three more of Velasquez’s patients made allegations against him soon afterward.

The sailor and the three others were then told nothing about the results until finding out more than a year later that no action had been taken against Velasquez by U.S. Naval Hospital Yokosuka, which oversees the Atsugi branch clinic.

According to testimony, the hospital discounted the sailor’s story, failed to reach a second complainant and ignored the other two — despite NCIS providing the complaints to the hospital.

Cmdr. Lorraine Nadkarni, a doctor and the hospital’s peer reviewer, reviewed 371 of Velasquez’s patients’ medical records beginning in March 2008, and spoke with 40 other women but received no complaints from them, she testified.

However, Nadkarni said, she had never been notified by her hospital about two of the complainants to NCIS, nor of another woman who later gave her statement to prosecutor Lt. Emily Dewey.

Nadkarni recommended that the hospital defer judgment on Velasquez until after the NCIS investigation ended. Instead, the hospital cleared Velasquez of wrongdoing by April 14, 2008, while the investigation was ongoing, according to documents obtained by Stars and Stripes.

Nadkarni also recommended to the hospital that Velasquez only be allowed to treat male patients, she testified.

Instead, the hospital then sent Velasquez as an individual augmentee to Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, without telling officials about Nadkarni’s recommendation, according to testimony from multiple witnesses.
Wow. 7 days? Do any of these people have wives and daughters? Wives and daughters who - especially overseas - have no choice but to use the doctors the Navy tells them to? Not to mention our female Shipmates. Outrage.
Had they acted in 2008, they might have stopped three of the crimes Velasquez pleaded guilty to from ever happening, according to evidence presented in the case.

The military allows servicemembers to have opposite-sex stand-ins during medical evaluations. The stand-ins are generally hospital corpsmen or medics who rank well below the doctors and nurses.

One soldier testified that there were two “stand-ins” in the examination room when Velasquez penetrated her vagina with an ungloved hand, but that they were not paying attention.

“I don’t trust anybody in the Navy now,” the soldier testified via video feed.

During his unsworn statement to the judge, a tearful Velasquez apologized to his patients and his family for his “despicable” acts.

“The hardest thing is looking into my wife’s eyes and my children’s eyes, knowing someday I’ll have to explain this to my kids,” he said.

Velasquez will have to register as a sex offender upon return to the United States, ...
OK, let's trace that back. Looks like the focus on this is the convening authority that signed off on the pretrial agreement. One word; why?

Once again, I keep coming back to the question; does he have a wife, daughters, and/or girlfriend? Does he know any female who has been a victim of a sexual predator? Does he comprehend the second and third order effect of a Doctor who uses his position to feed his sexual disfunction? Can the convening authority look himself in the mirror in the AM and tell himself; 7 days is justice?

I know. Positions of authority can be lonely places where you have to pick the best of bad decisions, etc, etc, etc ... but that is what you get the extra money and parking space for though.

Still; 7 days.


Grandpa Bluewater said...

Well, the Judge threw the bastard out of the Navy with a sex offender registration appointment on his mandatory calendar. The civilian prosecutors will know him. Destiny awaits (with a noose, one may hope).

The law is an ass?  The lawyers are the problem, not the law, IMHO.

We are overdue for some disinfecting sunlight on the legal and medical corps. They seem to think the rules don't apply to them. Special.

An ugly disheartening business. Preventable.  Not the first leadership failure in the various medical corps own private "continuing dramas of the general hospital" in recent years, either. 

Byron said...

Grandpa, JAX Naval Hospital was sued twice in one year for negligent homicide. Settled and paid out. The same year the hospital got a MUC. These are the same flaming rectums that screwed my daughter around waiting for referals till her disease was so bad that she was crippled. She's getting treatment now, but for her it's too late, the damage is done.

The only thing I have to say about the Navy's hospitals and Tricare is that it sucks and it is a disgrace.

Redeye80 said...

Could you have waited until Tuesday on this?  F*cked up my holiday!

MR T's Haircut said...


DeltaBravo said...

GrandpaBluewater and Byron, DON'T get me started on the narcissists who seem to prowl the halls of Navy medicine.  The manner in which they retaliate against whistleblowers is startling.  Maybe the observing corpsmen in those examinations looked the other way because they feared what would happen to them if they "saw" anything and reported it.  And make no mistake... this beast in this instance is a raging narcissist.  Even in his conviction hearing he is weeping over how HE can't look his wife and kids in the eye and the pain of his kids knowing HE isn't perfect.  Where is the remorse over the pain his actions caused anyone who wasn't HIS family or HIM.  

I'd write more about Navy Medicine and retaliation against fact witnesses, etc.  But I won't.  There are big problems in this quarter.  Navy would do well to look at it and deal with it.

Marvin said...

The convening authority needs to be fired, within 7 days, and if possible charged tried for their failure of command judgement.This BS will not encourage good order within the ranks.
To allow such a pre-trial agreement, shows a distinct lack of judgement, IMHO.

Kristen said...

This seems especially strange in comparison to the way that sexual harassment complaints by women against men are treated in the Navy and in the military in general.  Far less serious allegations are punished a lot more harshly than this.

seabag said...

It is entirely up to the convening authority to call the shot on a pretrail agreement. With 23 victims and additional expert witnesses , NCIS  agents atc. this trial would have been a long one and not c heap given its remote location in Japan difficulties securing the attendance of civiliaan and Army personnel a nd Navy folks who had left the area surelty made this an expensive proposition , I suspect the costs to the convenin authority would have been even over $100,000l We are in a two front war, the people are suffering  in a recession and resources must be be subject to economies. It was clear from the article that TC was ready to go to trial and had the witnesses lined up. I doubt she worked her butt off just to see the CA fold. CNFJ has his own lawyer and ultimately any ageeement reached with the defense would be CNFJs with the adcivice of his counsel. It is amazing to me that TC was even able to arrange to have any of the victims available to testify on sentencing let alone 4. Morever from the sentnece imposed it is clear that the TC disagreed with the deal and argued for a much more severe penalty . DON'T BLAME THE LAWYERS in this one I doubt any of th em were happy with th.e deal The medica; people dropped the ball but the CA put it in the net for the bad guys and owes an explanation for not proceeding to trial if a better deal than that could not be arranged.

Byron said...

DB, several years ago my daughter and son-in-law were sitting in the ER at JAX NH for several hours. She was in severe pain and distress (she has had acute adult rheumatoid athritis of the worst variety for 13 years now. She called me up and asked if there was anything I could do to get a doctor to see her. I told her to wait there and if they didn't see her in a half hour to call me back. I called the hospital and told them who I was, that my daughter had been waiting for several hours and was in extreme pain and that if they didn't get her in front of a doctor and receiving attention within 15 minutes, that I'd be A) calling the newspaper and local tv stations, and B) called my favorite pit bull/attorney. Do it whichever way you see fit.

Daughter called me a few hours later, said there was someone seeing her within ten minutes, and wanting to know what I'd done. I just told her that they could either fix you, honey, or have their effing rock turned over.

John said...

Seabag's explanation of the reason for the CA's absurdly light PTA acceptance sounds about like what they have to deal with in the real, not ideal, world.

While that gets me steamed up, the real outrage is not the predatory pervert, but the refusal of the Hospital and others who were told of his behavior to take any action. 

The ultimate outrage is sending him off as an IA without even the courtesy of a heads up to the "lucky" recipient to keep and eye on him or that charges were pending.

Plenty of heads should roll on this one, probably at the O-5 and O-6 levels.  Those who command ashore need to be held just as accountable as those at sea, and not just line officers should walk the plank when their commands screw up big time.

And the final cheery note is that if you think this is bad, just wait until we are all stuck with no recourse but Obamacare for any treatment...

cdrsalamander said...

Do you also note some of the timid leadership and buck passing that we say in the Ft. Hood shooting with Hasan?  

Sure, you can hang that on the heads of O5 and O6 - but they react that way due to a complete lack of top cover from above. 

Flugelman said...

The Navy medical system almost killed my wife twice over a span of 3 years. Good doctors intercepted a misdiagnosis and saved her the first time. Second time a good internist rescued her from the politics of a medicine ward where she had almost bled to death. The most frustrated I have ever been in my 22 years of Naval service.

MR T's Haircut said...

Justice doesnt have a price tag... this is NOT a case of a kid going UA and then demanding a Courts Martial... this is and was MALFEASANCE and GROSS abuse of trust and authority.. no sir.. LYNCH HIM.

C-dore 14 said...

seabag, You're entirely correct that the responsibility for this falls on the Convening Authority.  Several years ago there was a similar case at Camp Lejuene involving a Navy O-6 psychiatrist who had seduced several of his patients.  They had the guy dead to rights (the woman who first reported the attempted seduction wore a wire to her next appointment) and he pleaded guilty.  As opposed to this case, the CA refused to agree to any protection for the accused beyond limiting confinement to 6 months.  The punishment the O-6 was awarded was essentially the same as that given by the Trial Judge in this case, $25,000 fine, total forfeiture, 2 years confinement reduced to 6 months by plea, and dismissal from the service.

The CA clearly saw his responsibility to Marine wives and female enlisted who were victims in the Camp Lejuene case.  The one in Yoko, apparently did not.

Sealawyer said...

The CA folded in this case. The initial defense offer was no confinement. Seriously, what was the counter offer? 2 weeks? This was a money decision that had no relation to justice. We regularly send petty theives and drug users to jail for months. Hell, the Yokosuka SJA regularly punishes dependent kids out past curfew with over a hundred hours of community service, more hours than this sexual predator will serve in the brig. If money was the issue, CNFJ could have asked CNIC for a plus up of funds to support an unexpectedly expensive court-martial. We do it all the time for repairs, port visits, "spruces," etc. Instead he just folded like a cheap lawn chair, totally disregarded the victims (indeed, didn't even tell the victims of the deal . . . they didn't learn about it until the prosecutor called them to let them know the trial was off).

What really drives me insane is the the defense had no intention of ever trying this case - but apparently neither did the Convening Authority. I guess someone should have told the victims.

If a total failure to execute one's military-justice responsibilities can be grounds for a loss-of-confidence relief, this is the case for both Admiral Wren and the CO of the RLSO (who acts as the prosecutor's boss and CNFJ's Staff Judge Advocate). Those officer lack credibility to continue to administer military discipline and justice. Sometimes one's position exceeds his or her capability; usually that problem can be fixed, however.

Grumpy Old Ham said...


There's no way this situation would pass the Washington Post/NYT test.  Heck, maybe someone could leverage the Diversity mafias to do some good, for once.  This one "aw-$hit!" puts a pretty big hole in their message, dontcha know.

Something tells me we haven't heard the last of this one.  LCDR Grabby may have, ahem, gotten off light, but there's still plenty of other shoes that could drop.

seabag said...

It might have been nice if someone told the prosecutor the case would never be tried too.Given the outrageous initial defense offer that sealawyer sets forth,Trial counsel obviously had to assume the case would be tried and had to prepare on that basis If she was the one to tell the victims adeal was made, she was no doubt as surprised and disturbed as the victims both by the fact a deal was made and its terms. If sealawer is correct, the CA was not even up front with his own trial counsel, leaving her more or less holding the bag as the one to tell the victims at the last possible moment a deal was being made thus ignoring  the victims rights and leaving trial counsel with the unpleasnat chore of telling them of the CAs action. I think sea;awyer is incorrect about the CO of thr RLSO being the SJA for the CA, I believe that another lawyer probably has that job. In any event, if the TC encounters any flack for what the CA did, the RLSO CO as her boss should certainly stand up for her and place the blame for the deal and any lack of concern for the victims where it belongs, with the CA and his last minute efforts to cut the deal.It certainly was not her fault that the CA engaged in these last minute moves leaving very little chance to solicit the vitims points of view Only if the RLSO CO fails to back his people should he lose his job for lack of confidence in his leadership skillsl in that regard I think while hqving respect for his knowledge and obviuous closeness to the case that sealawyer is wrong.

LT B said...

Kristen, you are correct.  But the truth is, the false claims open up the courts to this and minimize the true pain of those who have actually been assaulted.  The problem is, if it is real and it shows poor leadership, the leadership wants to make it go away quickly.  If it is a token or something that doesn't really bring a bad light on the command, they will prosecute harshly and try to make themselves seem all the more enlightened. 

MM said...

I am currently working with my Congressman on looking into this.  If anyone has any further information beyond the S&S article, please let me know and send your sources. 

DH said...

Off light?  He lost his retirement, his livelihood, will have to register as a sex offender.  How is that 'light?'

Byron said...

Maybe because he should have gotten 20 years in Leavenworth? Where he'd get to experience the same crime first hand on himself.

The only thing lower than a sexual predator is one that is a doctor who has sworn an oath to cause no harm AND is a serving officer.

seabag said...

Well, the latest word I hear out of Japan from persons not involved but in a position to know is that the powers that be in the JAGC are preparing to throw TC LT Dewey under the bus. Let us see what did she do wrong.HHMMM well she exercised tenacity in opening up old files on this guy with a female NCIS agent when new complaints came to light and saw that this guy was charged with them,through perrsional contact got these women to believe that they would finally be taken seriously,reached out to the new victims to make sure they did not feel forgottten or lost in the system, made the victims aware pf their rights and how to exercise them, maintained close contacxt with them contacting each at least once a week.aggrssively and relentless;ly built the prosecutions case and vigorously opposed defense efforts to obtain delays and  continuances thus forcing them into an imminent trial  LT Dewey was the driving force thatr kept this case going and was fully prepared for trial in June. She received a Bronze Star in Iraq for her similar unrelenting pursuit of  trials against terrorists .WHen it appeared trhat the defense had no choice but to plead guilty,the the CA decided that the case was to be dealt(the only reason I have heard is that he did not want to spend the money to try the case) and did they turn to LT Dewey to negotiate ther deal NOOOOO. They decided to cut a deal at the last minute and leave LT Dewey who had previously voiced her opinion that this guy needed a long period of confinemnt and a plea to an offense that would guarantee loss of license. to contact the victims on short notice to tell them about the deal, not that it would make any difference at that point as the decision was made.So what did she do wrong ? In the greater scope of things her file  paperwork was deficient because she allegedly did not distribute DD2702 forms to the vcitims to advise them of heir rights underr the Witness and Victim Assistance Program. Forget that she advised them of all of this in person Fortunately the victims knew who cared about them and apparently have spoken up on her behalf I sincerely hope that my information is wrong about the effort to scape goat this matter but I doubt it . If it is true, then shame on the JAG Corps.Just like a lawyer to confuse the issues. Time to get rid of all of them. My apologies to the JAGC if I amk wrong about them turning on one of their own i n such an inexcusable manner..

DeltaBravo said...

Couldn't agree more!

seabag said...

how do I contact you privately and who is your Rep?

CDR Salamander said...

That is immaterial to the crime committed.  Those are secondary impacts.  The primary impact is justice - and that is 7 days.

cdrsalamander said...

At this stage of the game - perhaps we should back off the post trial fonctionaire positioning until things shake out and more information comes available.  Hopefully, Big Navy will not let one injustice lead to others.  Let's just watch and see.

DH said...

this is Philosophy 101, Sal.  What is the purpose of punishment?  Retribution or Deterrence?  you use the word justice like a Clint Eastwood western...and life ain't like that.  The Criminal JUSTICE system clearly is not like that. 

What stings more for this sexual perv?  2 years in jail or losing the ability to EVER practice medicine again? 

20 years in leavenworth?  He's got to be found guilty first.  And, that is NEVER a guarantee.

And, I don't know that this case would have ever seen the iight of day if he were a civilian.

Byron said...

Well, here's my philosophy: You commit a capital crime, you get executed, and everyone sleeps better knowing that another POS is taking a dirt nap. Lock a sexual predator up for life, women sleep better. I'm a man. It's hard-coded in my genes to protect women and children because they are the FUTURE. I'm just a hunter gatherer who makes a contribution to the gene pool once in a while. One can only wonder where the hell society took the wrong turn when we decided that the rights of scum bags like this doctor were more important than his victims.

CDR Salamander said...

Review #5.
jus·tice<span><span><span></span></span></span> <span>–noun</span><span>1.</span>the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness: <span>to uphold the justice of a cause. </span> <span>2.</span>rightfulness or lawfulness, as of a claim or title; justness of ground or reason: <span>to complain with justice. </span> <span>3.</span>the moral principle determining just conduct. <span>4.</span>conformity to this principle, as manifested in conduct; just conduct, dealing, or treatment. <span>5.</span>the administering of deserved punishment or reward. <span>6.</span>the maintenance or administration of what is just by law, as by judicial or other proceedings: <span>a court of justice. </span> <span>7.</span>judgment of persons or causes by judicial process: <span>to administer justice in a community. </span> <span>8.</span>a judicial officer; a judge or magistrate. <span>9.</span><span>(<span>initial capital letter</span><img></img>) </span><span>Also called <span>Justice Department.</span> </span>the Department of Justice.
If two drivers get drunk and kill someone - one is a taxi driver and one a homemaker.  Does one get just an inability to drive and the other 5 years?
As for your last comment - you must not be a southerner.

DH said...

Nice straw man.  I guess this is Phil 101. 

Would you be satisfied if this case went to trial and the man was acquitted of the serious stuff?  Here there is a guaranteed conviction for the more damning crap on his rap sheet, and you're complaining that he didn't do more time in the Navy's puny brigs?  He will never have the chance to do this again as a doctor -- something that was not guaranteed otherwise. 

Justice?  He was FOUND GUILTY.  he has a FEDERAL criminal record.  According to the article you cite, he has to register as a sex offender -- for the rest of his life.  He was dishonorably discharged.  His life is basically OVER.  There is no chance that a jury pulls an OJ, or that some of the victims flake out, or that he appeals.  This case is CLOSED.

What universal wrong would be made right if this perv spent a few extra months in jail?

I just don't get it.

DeltaBravo said...

Justice:  Rendering to another his due.

The question to ponder is whether 7 years of confinement is adequate to pay for the intangibles he stole from his victims.

He screwed with the existential balance sheet.  The Bible says that as you sow you shall reap.  Is merely preventing him from practicing medicine adequate?  If he is a sexual predator, he will find other ways to victimize people if he is out on the street.

They can't seem to stop themselves. 

Society owes it to its members to stop people like that and protect the weak.  Are the weak protected here?  (See: recidivism)

CDR Salamander said...

1.  Yawn.
2.  I guess you don't have a wife or daughter.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Throw him so far back into Portsmouth, that they have to pipe light to him, and never let him out.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Sorry, for Portsmouth, please read Leavenworth.

Byron said...

Absolutely. If this had my either my stepdaughter or my daughter, the safest place for that SOB would have been in jail.

DH said...

Delta Bravo, good points.  Regading recidivism:  It seems that his abuse occurred in a SPECIFIC set of circumstances.  Because of this conviction, those set of circumstances will NEVER exist for this man again. And, you're assuming that serving time in jail would (a) rehabilitate him AND (b) keep him off the streets.  
I know enough of the world to know that (a) is a pipe dream. 

Paul Fischer said...

<span>I posted this on and the article about the good "Dr"</span>
<span>"His medical credentials have been suspended since last year and will come under review by civilian credentialing boards."
"Military judge Cmdr. David Berger sentenced Velasquez to two years in prison, a $28,000 fine and forfeiture of all pay and allowances, but the convening authority suspended the punishment in accordance with a pre-trial agreement. Velasquez will not serve additional time or pay the fines and forfeitures unless he violates the plea agreement by committing another crime within the next year. Berger also ordered Velasquez dismissed from the Navy."

Re-read the article folks, and you can understand the apprehension people have that "Dr" Velazquez might be practicing medicine in the future. All it takes is for the civilian credentialling boards to rule in his favor and he's back to practicing medicine if he completes whatever psychological program they order him to do.

The one thing this article didn't mention is what kind of discharge the good "Dr" received, and that's something people should be concerned about. If he received a DD or a BCD, then his life is effectively not going very far. If its an OTH or a Admin Discharge, then he's going to be able to live a wonderful life despite what he put his victims through.

For those of you who were wondering why the COC failed and what the victims can do about it, just some food for thought: Starting with the CO and XO, along with every doctor, dentist or nurse that was involved with this situation and allowed the perputrator to continue his crimes has a license too.

Find out what state their licesnses are from and file a formal complaint against it and when they attempt to renew their licenses will find out that they can't due to a complaint filed against it and have to answer to their states respective medical, dental & nursing boards for their conduct.

23 complaints against their licenses is going to be very hard for the state boards to ignore.

DeltaBravo said...

PF, I see your point.  But that nurse licensing thing works both ways.  Picture a dedicated nurse that may have an idea something happened (or a doubt... but....) who says something or files a complaint or goes to superiors.  Her supervising doctor can then make threats to write up Nurse on other complaints, give LORs and bad evals for specious and false reasons and imperil that nurse's license.  What does nurse do then?  Go to the board and defend herself making allegations that she was the subject of reprisals?  (For a crime she had no proof of?)  Navy medical community seems to devour its own.  It's a terrifying thing to watch.  Those who point things out that are inconvenient to supervisors do not fare well.  Just saying... 

A predator is usually pretty good at covering his tracks after a few years practice.  It becomes a matter of He said/she said.   The others around him may not have had any idea what he was doing.   It took a lot of courage for the women in this case to come forward.   While I don't believe jail time ever rehabilitates these kind, a history of prison time on his record would give future patients a warning that he might not be the best choice of medical personnel out there. 

Paul Fischer said...

I agree with your point about the nurses, but I worked with a GS-nurse at BMC Oceana who had a reputation of making false accusations and it reached a point that the male medical staff (MD/PA-C/FNP or HM IDC) wouldn't want her around as a standby. Fortunately she's retired now, but the damage she did with numerous false accusations is immeasurable. When she accused a close friend of mine, and was cleared by his patient, it didn't matter. She still brought the incident up to his face years after she accused him of misconduct. If the facts back up the accusation, then by all means go after the perp and torch them.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry this happened and I wish the navy had adequately punished this man. In 7 days it will be 24 years since an air force doctor did something similar to me but the air force wouldn't even take him to trial let alone give him a week in jail. I am not sure I will make it to my 24 th anniversary but if I do it is because of navy doctors who are helping me heal

Anonymous said...

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