Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Retro Wednesday

Though RetWin has focused on the first decade post-WWII, I think it is time to make an exception. The pics below are from submarine diesel school at Groton in 1943. A Navy at war.

First thing that gets you about these men is the fact that when this pic was taken, there wasn't some harpy fussing at them about their "military bearing." They look, God bless them one and all, like they just came in the gate from an all night liberty call. Each an individual. Take a moment to look each one. Their names are in the following pic. Each, I am sure, have a story worth a book.

To recognize one to represent all, we should take a chance to give a shout out, posthumously I believe, to the guy that is in the 3rd row up, 4th from the RIGHT side; William (Jim) F. Hall from San Diego, CA. A name to a face is always good. He made it home from the war; many of the men in the picture didn't.

Oh, and just because I can't pass up the chance to be petty and pick on an sub-fella or two now and then .... the only one that probably made it into the post-WWII nuke power pipeline was the Sailor 3rd row, 5th from the right. Yep, he looks like a modern submariner.

(forgive me Sailor warrior in the pic, but your generation has a thinker skin - I am sure you don't mind)

Hat tip JLF999.

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