Wednesday, September 16, 2009

RADM Miller: can we have some ice for our nuts?

Remember last week's post? Here is the follow-up from Andrew Scutro at NavyTimes.
On Friday, the Navy announced that Nimitz, which deployed from San Diego on July 31, will be extended by two months, and that the Harry S. Truman strike group’s planned deployment next year is also expected to be gone almost eight months. Both extensions were attributed to delays in the carrier Enterprise’s overhaul.

“We deploy with a keen awareness that our schedule is always subject to change as naval forces are inherently flexible,” said Rear Adm. John Miller, Nimitz strike group commander. “While the Navy’s final decision is the best solution of many options, our leadership recognizes that adjusting carrier deployment schedules has a profound impact on our personnel and our families.”
I think the words the Sailors are using are a tad more colorful - no one likes to be a third-order effect of someone else's inability to meet their deadlines ... but with the backlog in the repair line - the ripple effect always break on Sailors.

Once again, happy talk and briefing the best scenario runs up against reality. You can't hide this stuff forever.

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