Friday, September 25, 2009

Not my America

See the pic on the right? This is wrong - this is not what police in a Representative Republic should look like.

Before anyone pops a circuit breaker: I have disliked and opposed the militarization of the police in the Carter, Reagan, Bush41, Clinton, Bush43, and now Obama administration.

This isn't a federal problem per se anyway - so put your AFDB away; this is a local problem.

Police officers should not be dressed in any way like those in the military. They do not need fatigues to go after protesters in urban and sub-urban environments.

They also do not need to dress like some perverted mix of Imperial Storm Troopers, SS, and the dudes from Aliens.

If you want to dress like that, join the military or one of those groups of goofs that run around the woods shooting paintballs at each other.

Serve and Protect. Don't look like some paramilitary tool. You scare the public, and to the military you just look like poseur wannabees. You are better men and women than that - and the taxpayers you serve deserve to be represented in a more professional way.

See HotAir for the details....and yea; they give multi-cam a bad name.


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