Monday, September 07, 2009

BZ to ..... CBS

Yes, 60 Minutes even. Outstanding segment on AFG by Lara Logan and her crew, that as a extra bonus gives a great profile of our Army.

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One note Navy wise here: note the leader the Army is making in that 29-yr old CPT. The fact that we have taken away so many of our LT and LCDR Command opportunity to save such little money in one pot of money and spend in another means that we do not have the chance to grow such leaders. Sure, we have a few - but not what we need.

Once again, there is not reason a sub-100 sailor ship like LCS should have a LCDR CO and a LT XO. 24 month tours each.

If the answer is "there is too much negative career impact as they will miss X and Y ticket" - then we have the cart in front of the course.

That is even a worse excuse than "We need those SWO CDR Command slots to make SWO CAPT...."

Hat tip Capt'n Ed.

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