Saturday, February 14, 2009

Best movie of the last 25 years

NRO has been going through the best 25 Conservative movies of the last 25 years, and they have this as #1. I have seen it three times (you must see it in German, English subtitles if necessary) - and it can be argued that it is the best of any stripe in 25 years.

E40 and OMC's wife probably can give a good perspective what it was like to live in the later days of the Warsaw Pact - but if like me you were living in paradise; this is probably as close to seeing it as it was.

From the review at NRO;
The Lives of Others(2007): “I think that this is the best movie I ever saw,” said William F. Buckley Jr. upon leaving the theater (according to his column on the film). The tale, set in East Germany in 1984, is one part romantic drama, one part political thriller. It chronicles life under a totalitarian regime as the Stasi secretly monitors the activities of a playwright who is suspected of harboring doubts about Communism. Critics showered the movie with praise and it won an Oscar for best foreign-language film (it’s in German). More Buckley: “The tension mounts to heart-stopping pitch and I felt the impulse to rush out into the street and drag passersby in to watch the story unfold.”
I wrote about it about a year ago here. I still mourn the loss of Ulrich Mühe - his acting was simply sublime in all his work, and this was his best.

You have to see it - and see it with friends. It is where Leftists will go if they are given the power. These kids and their club have no clue.

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