Saturday, February 28, 2009

What happened to all the warriors?

In some communities, there may be more than one grain of truth to this.

In an interview with Mark Hemingway, Dirk Benedict (yes, the original Starbuck) made this point about the challenge of raising boys - yours and others.
Benedict says his third book is going to be about raising his two sons in a cultural climate where men aren’t really allowed to be men.

“Even up in Montana I’ve spent the last 20 years defending the right of my boys to throw a frickin’ snowball, to climb a tree, to jump off a little cliff, to go out in the canoe off my dock without a life jacket,” he says. “All the little boys that refused to give into that were put on Ritalin. The future warriors of America are all on Ritalin in the second grade.”

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