Monday, February 09, 2009

GROM, call your office

I don't think the Poles will be looking for "root causes."
As Poles reeled Monday in shock after the beheading of a Polish engineer

"Now we can no longer save our compatriot, we are going to try to punish his killers," Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said after confirming that a video tape of Piotr Stanczak's execution was authentic.
by militants in Pakistan, their government vowed to hunt down his murderers and bring them to justice.
Oh, wait - stop that. They joined the EU.
"A crime was committed, so there must be an investigation, a search for the guilty parties, and if possible, they must be brought before a court and served due punishment."

Sikorski said the Polish justice ministry was in the process of getting an international arrest issued for Stanczak's suspected killers.
Oh well - was fun to think for a few seconds. Head back to your FOB and suck your thumb.

Shame; GROM could do their job if you would let them....unless this is a, I am being self-delusional again.

I like the US form of "due punishment" myself.

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