Monday, August 27, 2007

You don't need your knee pads anymore

Don't even think it.... Some of the best military goodies have been taken from the sports world. I would love to give a million dollars worth of this to the USMC and tell them, "Figure out what we can do with this stuff....."
Mike Peake meets an award-winning inventor who sold his house to launch a revolutionary range of protective sportswear

He shot into the spotlight at the recent Entrepreneur of the Year awards in London, when he leapt in the air and landed with a thud on his knees. Palmer, 40, was showing off the mesmerising potency of the product that had just earnt him top gong. It is called d3o, it was sewn into his trousers and, in layman’s terms, it is the kind of armour plating that Batman donned before fighting baddies.
What do you think? Soft spot reinforcement - Riot Police (like this)? Would it help contain the blast wave in an IED as part of a uniform or integrated/meshed with other armor? This is good stuff, check out the details.

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