Thursday, August 23, 2007

Navy no likey

I may have said, "No comment." Big Navy, however, had no problem.
The Navy has removed a video from YouTube that shows sailors aboard the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan using safety equipment inappropriately.

The video titled "Women of CVN76: That Don't Impress Me Much," was shot by a naval airman and includes fleeting shots of the door to the ship's nuclear power plant and of a sailor dancing around in a full-body radiation suit.

Under Pentagon rules, images of any part of a ship's nuclear plant cannot be shown to foreign nationals.

A Navy spokesman says Nothing in the video compromises operational security, but officials were concerned about the "lack of propriety" in the use of safety equipment.

The Navy says it has "counseled" the airman who produced the video.
There were lots of "issues" with the video - one the CO had a part of, and that "airman" was an officer. From what I hear; ouch. Oh, and don't think the Chinese didn't notice. Read the article, a good officer and Shipmate is quoted.

Hat tip GBS and lots of folks - thanks for the heads-up.

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