Monday, August 20, 2007

Set the sea and anchor detail

Ungh. Gone for two weeks, but more or less back on step. Just time for a quick post - let's see what pops out in 5 minutes.

In hindsight, Fullbore Standby should have been “Open Threat,” though I think next time I find myself away from quasi-private 1s and 0s - instead I might call it “Free Swim.” I got a great kick out of reading everyone’s comments while I was gone – there is great stuff there even though I have only read the first 60 or so – and a gem of a contribution by Sid that is worthy of a post all its own. Hey, there is an idea……

Besides the Dem snooze-fest last night; what did I miss?

The world survived without me – I presume. Rove is gone, the Democrats continue to prove the Salamander Postulate – and the German’s at least see the truth. Senator Graham (R-SC) is seen packing heat as Col. Graham. The market decided to throw a rod when I was in no position to manage my accounts. All that and I managed without using the internet/NIPRNET at all for over two weeks for the first time in, well, at least half a decade.

So, where has Phibian been and what has he been doing? Harumph. You wouldn’t want to know. Really – you wouldn’t. Without showing too much leg - just some observations on the scene in general.

----Stop it – just stop it. Stop telling jokes. Someone keeps telling senior officers that they have to tell a joke prior to giving a talk or presentation. Just stop it. Telling the same "..short, accurate, and totally useless.." joke of the nth iteration in front of a bunch of folks who average over 20yrs in the military just makes you look silly - and insults everyone.

Like some newly minted 3-stars - many people are terrible public speakers in addition to having no talent telling jokes. Stop. Just get to the facts at hand. A serious job is no place to tell stale jokes that no one thinks is funny, but 85% will force a lame laugh just out of respect. You don't have to tell a joke to get the attention or bond with those looking at you with pen and wheel-book in hand. Trust me, we are all tuned into what you have to say. Just get to the job at hand. You are supposed to be leading the US military in a time of war - not a team-leader for WalMart about to update the prices on toys and tampons.

----We all need to spend more time on the bridge. Especially if for whatever reason you did not get much underway time since you were a mid-level LT - spend more time on the bridge. Make time. Be a presence. If nothing else - do it for the view. Looking off the port bow now and then can make it all worth while.

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