Thursday, August 02, 2007

Fullbore standby

I am going to have to go radio silent for awhile. Don't worry, I'm not about to drop off the blogophere like SMASH - but I may be gone for awhile.

There may be a chance that I will be up a little early next check back 06 AUG. If I'm not back - try again on 13 AUG. If I'm not there - I should be back full time by the 20 AUG.

That being said, if you want to keep my stats up - visit every day anyway! ;)

If you don't see me by Labor Day - then light a candle or something.

Sorry to leave everyone hanging like this - I wish I wasn't in the position to go silent until the 20th - but that is the way it goes. I am a one-Sailor show here; no guest bloggers - and I just can't use any computer in the zoo to do this.

I feel responsible to, and am humbled by, the 350 or so return visitors and 1,000 or so unique visitors that come by to visit every day, and I always try to leave a tid-bit or two. I feel some guilt hanging out the "Closed" sign - even if it is just for awhile.

I enjoy my regular commenters like a bunch of guys at the local barber shop, or watering hole; the "Old Crew" Skippy-san, Byron, Sid, C-dore 14, T1, LBG, GE06, Chap, ymarsakar, 74, SJS, LargeBill, badbob, bullnav, and the new kids Galrhan, Mike, A. Mirvish, YNSN, AndrewB, GOHam, Mr. T, GBS, LT Rusty, xformed, cottus, Springboard, (and when he has taken his meds even RK now and then), - hey - even PalmPilot (husband of one of the first members of my tribe) has come back to visit now and then even if his neighbor Rotorhead has been as rare as hen's teeth lately - though we all wish ninme and Bookie would visit more. Sniffle. I know I missed a couple of regular commenters - I'm not perfect - but you guys and my "spies" who drop me emails now and then make this hobby fun.

Being that I won't be able to for a couple of weeks - pay a visit to some of my pals on the blogroll on the side of the page in addition to the over-caffeinated and under-paid crew at MilBlogs where Lex, Eagle1 and other good folks hang out now and then. That is how I start my mornings - though via my favorites' RSS feeds.

I'll be back soon 'nuff. The break from my crack-like hobby will be good for me - though I sure won't be getting more sleep.


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