Saturday, October 29, 2005

Southern Baptist terror cell arrested in Denmark

Naw, just kidding silly; they were -- wait for it -- young Muslim men.
Four men have been arrested in the Danish capital Copenhagen on suspicion of planning a suicide attack in Europe.

A court ordered the men - all Muslims aged 16 to 20 - to be remanded in custody until 16 November while investigations continue.
There is a twist to it though,
He did not specify where the Balkan investigation took place but Bosnian police said last week they arrested three people in Sarajevo on suspicion of undertaking terrorist activities.
Yep, Bosnian connections. You’re welcome. A few reports say that most of them were of Bosnian Muslim extraction.

If it wasn't for the Christian and post-Christian West, the balance of Bosnian Muslims would be living in exile like
Jordanian Circassians, or in a mass grave under some Serb's new dairy.

While we are talking about the Danes, (love their Queen BTW) I hope you are all up to speed on the “Looney Toons Fatwa.”

Support the newspaper with balls, Jyllands-Posten, and check out the pictures.

Better yet, here is my favorite.

More at Jawa, Skippy’s girlfriend, The Brussels Journal, Dhimmi Watch, and Fjordman. Good stuff.
UPDATE: Hey, it's "Some insecure Muslims need to take a chill pill towards Western artists; Christians have put up with it for years.." time.

Via LGF, a link to a ray of light, Amir Normandi from Chicago that just had his artwork removed by the Dhimmi at Harper College in Palatine.
An art exhibit that included photographs of nude Muslim women wearing only a head covering was taken down Thursday afternoon just hours after opening for public viewing at Harper College in Palatine.

Muslim students at the college protested to officials about the pieces on display in Building C. Several students say the pieces — some showing young Muslim men with machine guns — were downright offensive.
Go to his page and look at all 15. They are really lame by modern photographic standards of shock, and are a bit cheeky monkeyish (get to use that twice this week), and is nothing like this. Some show a very little flesh, but no more than you see at the mall. Amir almost gets moved to the Honor Roll for this one - hope he doesn't get a posthumous award. Still looking for my Fatwa, here is my favorite.

Oh, and as for the Muslim student's comment,
“The Muslim students are thinking about boycotting Harper because of this,” said Ali, 23, of Schaumburg.
don't let the screen door hit you on the ass on your way out. As reported in Dutch Disease Report, you have it a lot easier than Christian girls going to school in Muslim countries. Take a powder.

PS, you know what is cool? By having a childish hissy fit, they ensured that Mr. Normandi will increase his exposure by an order of magnitude. Snicker. Pass it on......

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