Saturday, October 01, 2005

The future is here, if you want to see it.

So, you like amnesty for illegal aliens? Think it all ends in a wonderful place? Well, any ECON101 student will tell you that you get what you reward. You encourage what you subsidize. Sure, we have our own problems at the border with would-be illegal immigrants dying trying to cross, but nothing like this.
Spain and Morocco will send troops to secure two Spanish enclaves on the north African coast, officials say.

The move was announced as Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero met his Moroccan counterpart after five men died in the enclave of Ceuta.

Bullets that killed two of the African migrants were "not Spanish", Spanish investigators said on Thursday.

Two migrants died on Spanish soil and two in Morocco, as hundreds aiming to enter Spain rioted on Wednesday night.

Earlier, officials said the men died when they were crushed against fences separating them from Ceuta.

The clashes were the latest in a series of attempts by hundreds of Africans from all over sub-Saharan Africa to storm through the border and into Spanish territory.

Spain, a bit ago, put out a general amnesty for illegal aliens. The results, more of the huddled masses of the 3rd world want to add to the demographic nightmare of Spain and Europe.

A little geography lesion is in order. Spain has a few enclaves, cities, on the
North African coast. Kind of like if we owned Veracruz, Mexico.

Like here, once you get your feet on the ground it is very hard to send you home (political and judicial PC cowards). These illegals, and millions behind them, will do anything to get to Europe and away from the Soylent Green world they live in. The source countries will do nothing to stop them. They need the money. The source counties are dependant on the huge amount of money being remitted back home. The Moroccan government has admitted that their greatest product is its people. It isn't kidding.
Morocco and Spain are geographically so close that Africans pour into Morocco from all over the continent in an attempt to enter the European Union.

EU justice and home affairs commissioner Franco Frattini said on Thursday: "This tragedy, once again, bears witness to the urgent need for a genuine and effective management of migration issues."

Spain has recently raised the height of fences in Ceuta and Melilla and posted more soldiers there, while Morocco is putting a tighter watch on its coastline.

Over the last few weeks would-be immigrants have been using ladders and what Spanish officials have described as "military tactics" in their increasingly desperate attempts to get over border barriers.
The problems are similar in the US and Europe in some ways, on the surface. You have rich countries with stable to falling populations surrounded by poor, expanding populations in nations that cannot support the growing number of souls on their land. Both rich areas have people that hate their own culture so much they support mass immigration as a way to overthrow and get rid of it - regardless of what takes it place. Those moonbats are joined by industrialists and civil servants who are using the same argument that my slave owning ancestors used; "We need people to do the jobs our own people won't do." "We need the low pay workers to keep our labor costs down or our products won't be competitive."

Bla, bla, bla. I don't buy it. Go to the Shenandoah Valley or rural Belgium and you will see folks doing jobs that have to be done everywhere, and they aren't immigrants. The question you have to ask people is if it is worth 50 cents (dollar or euro) an hour to preserve your country in the long run.

Immigration really isn't as great of a problem in America as it is in Europe for a few reasons. Both would be better served by only allowing immigration in such numbers that assimilation can take place and to digests the glut both already have, but the U.S. is by its nature a nation of immigrants. Our culture is well blended and changes every generation. American is a flexible construct as it has evolved. Also, our mass immigration problem comes from Mexico and Latin America. These people are from a Western culture and are mostly, like the U.S., Catholic. The rest are secular or Protestant here and there. Sure, they come from a Latin vice Anglo-Saxon Western culture, but a Western Culture nonetheless. Much easier to absorb. We did just fine with our Italians after a couple of generations, thank you. The diversity of our immigrants and the size of our nation stops even the unassimilated populations from being a danger to our host culture. There are localized problems, but nothing on a national scale. Yet.

Europe has a much more dangerous stew in their pot.
Europe's immigrants are non-western and mostly Muslim. That is a whole different challenge.

The rush is on. Long after the fight is lost, Europe is starting to get concerned. No society will knowingly commit suicide, but some wait too late and will pay dearly to correct the mistakes of their parents.

This is the beginning of what will be more bloodshed in Europe over the next 50 years unless they get hold of their immigration problem, and work on assimilating those that they already have.

I once warned you to show your children Europe while you can. It is already too late in many places in Europe. Sure, Amsterdam is Amsterdam - but it looks more like an American city than anything else; if you ignore the architecture, legal prostitution, legal pot, and legal baby euthanasia - but I digress.

One of the advantages of having a return flight CANX and/or having your AMC flight out of Germany break, is to have a couple of days to kill until the next flight back home. If you have the cash, from Frankfurt or Ramstein you can get about anywhere in West Europe in a day, spend a day, and come back the next.

As some of you know, the Dutch and I are great buddies. Any chance to make it to Amsterdam, Den Haag (like that, natch), Delft, or Maastricht – I’m there; if Munich doesn’t get in the way. But I digress. Any THU, FRI, or SAT night, go hang out in the Centrum. As anywhere, lots of young people like to go downtown. The young population of these towns are 30-60% North-Sub Saharan African, Arab, or from the Indian sub-continent. Nothing wrong with that. Reminds me of home, just with a funny language.

The thing is though, if you think of
Europe as Caucasian, you need to think again, or head to the countryside. A good note though, most of the young’uns (1st and 2nd generation) seem to be assimilating quite well though many seem to adopt a bad American export - Ghetto fashion/attitude/culture.

The older immigrants, notsomuch assimilation. Seeing a bearded, smelly, sulking Imam walking around Berlin sneering in Arabic with veiled woman walking behind him is not a nice view of Germany, but it is easy to find.

A host culture can only digest so many people. It may be time for Europe to take a break for a generation or two. I feel sorry for many of the immigrants. Considering the nightmares these people come from, being German or French looks nice. And who wouldn’t think that? Would you rather be a
young German girl, or a young Somali girl? The host nation's have a problem as well, you cannot take the world's problems as your own when you are so small relative to the bulging nightmares to the south and east of you. It is easy to be swamped and become the culture your immigrants were trying to escape.

There is an additional issue that won't make the "Stop and Digest" problem easy. The North African countries have little motivation to do anything on their end to control their people breaking the law to get to the U.S. or Europe. Having their motivated poor leave is a safety valve in their own country. Someone working in the farm fields in France is not likely to lead a protest march in Rabat.

Perhaps the sound of gunfire is the sign that Europe is at last waking up. Once again, they have waited until it is almost too late. Like waiting for German tanks to cross the Polish, Dutch, Belgian, and French borders, they have not acted in time to stop huge damage; the hour is late. Demographics are ugly for the next 50 years. They need to make Germans, Dutchmen, Danes, and Frenchmen our of their Moroccans, Algerians, Nigerians, Yemeni and their children soon before our children find Europe in a place it has often been before - awash in blood.

Assimilation, enforcement, stricter laws please, faster. This is only going to get worse. Demographics are destiny.

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