Thursday, October 06, 2005

Funeral for some friends

It has become a habit for some, including myself, to bash the Europeans when they don’t do exactly what we want. Childish, I know, but they are sovereign nations and perhaps we shouldn't expect them to be perfect from OUR point of view.

The Spanish are a regular target for reasons big and small – but it helps now and then to back up and understand that there is a big difference between a nation's weak-sister politicians and their military. Under the table, many of these nations, like Spain, are – or have – helped out as they have had the ability. Some punch way above their weight, but every soul offered is precious.

Though Spain left Iraq, and will leave Afghanistan is seems, their military’s men and women did step in the breach with us. Many have given their lives for us, for you, for me.

They don’t receive the honor they should, so here is a bit I can do. As many of you remember, this summer 17 Spaniards gave their lives to try to hold back the tide of history on a critical front in the early stages of this war – Afghanistan.

For some reason, pictures of caskets have been swept under the rug. Perhaps it is just my upbringing, but I think the sacrifice is important to show. Some may abuse the symbology – but on balance I think the 51% helps the war. Here is a simple picture of some of the Spanish caskets in a tent in Afghanistan ready to go home. This is one picture from a whole very moving series. I figure one is enough. Light a candle, say a prayer for their families, or just say thanks.

This brought my humble moment of the day.

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