Monday, October 31, 2005

It would be funnier if Cokie Roberts said that

If you used this terminology at an official Navy function, say at the Naval Academy, you would likely be removed from Command, and reporters like John Roberts would be calling for your head.

But, as you know, do as I say….
CBSNEWS Chief White House correspondent John Roberts described the President’s selection of Judge Samuel Alito as “sloppy seconds” during today’s press gaggle with White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan.

John Roberts: “So, Scott, you said that -- or the President said, repeatedly, that Harriet Miers was the best person for the job. So does that mean that Alito is sloppy seconds, or what?”

Scott McClellan: “Not at all, John.”

Sloppy seconds” is described in the United Kingdom’s A Dictionary of Slang as:

Noun: “A subsequent indulgence in an activity by a second person involving an exchange of bodily fluids. This may involve the sharing of drink, or more often it applies to a sexual nature. E.g. ‘I’m not having sloppy seconds, I want to shag her first.’”
Yep, a lot better coming from Cokie.

I wish Scott McClellan has acted shocked or something….

(JR isn't that bad, really, especially compared to *spit* David Gregory *spit*). He must have had a poker weekend with the boys and forgot where he was.....

....and they talk about the lack of professionalism from Bloggers and 'lesser beings' ...

Hat tip Drudge.

UPDATE: As Eagle1 points out, JR has issues an apology. I don't have the audio, but I am sure it sounds like this.

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