Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Japanese Navy Air returns

Via OpFor, we have the Hyuga. You can call it a "Helicopter-carrying Destroyer (DDH 181)" if you want, but at a 18,000 tonnes full displacement - that is a Light Carrier (CVL).
The Hyuga, the largest warship constructed in Japan since World War II, is considered by some observers to be the first step toward the development of a large aircraft carrier. Japan’s constitution, imposed by the United States after World War II, permits Japanese to have only “self-defense” forces. Many Japanese, recalling the effectiveness of Japanese aircraft carriers in China in the 1930s and against U.S. forces in the Pacific in the early stages of World War II, consider carriers to be offensive weapons.
Hyuga sound familiar? Of course it does. Oh, and make sure and click the pics for high-res.

Hat tip Mike.


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