Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mr. T's Haircut goes to war

Frequent commenter 'Mr. T's Haircut" is about to head out to the 'Stan. Lucky for us, we're going to hear back from him on a regular basis. Here's the opening salvo.
A Haircut goes to war (again).

I stumbled upon the blog sceen as a late bloomer. I think I have been participating on this fine site for a few months now. I have found this blog to be like a pub. A warm place to converse with like minded souls in solving the problems of our time, or at least complain about em.

I am going to be headed IA in the spring to Afghanistan. Phib has asked me to post from time to time so with your permission and indulgence, I will pass on my observations as I train up and after I deploy.

I have also been recruited (or press ganged, not sure) by the John the Armorer over at the Castle to replace Joe as “the Man in the ‘Stan” Correspondent. Unlike most of the Salamanders constituents, the folks at the Castle are pretty land centric and can use some sea salt in their salad. I will pass on my observations as an “Individual Augmentee” supporting the good fight as I join the sister service, the Army, as a “Fleet of One”.


Great thing about the 'Stan - BEER. NATO is running the place afterall.

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