Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Memories of things past

After Lex got all snippy over at MilBlogs that I wasn't giving him too much respect,[/sarcasm] I wandered over to his hangar to see what he had posted in the last few months , when I came along this goodie. Turn another page.
The college graduates who are soon to complete training at the nation’s oldest naval air station will be the final class to graduate from the base’s officer candidate school, ending a military tradition that lasted about seven decades.

After graduation ceremonies on Friday, the school will close and consolidate with a training center in Newport, R.I.

“Hundreds of classes have suffered out there” on the exercise field and parade deck at Pensacola Naval Air Station, said Allen Hamby, a 21-year-old admiral’s son and University of Central Florida graduate who plans to be a supply officer. “And we are going to be the last class doing it.”
Just when the WX in FL starts getting good. Now, wasn't it about 15 or so years ago that OCS from Newport joined up with AOCS in P-cola? Oh, well - another lost chance to throw mullets around. Lex did get me digging around in a few boxes that remain unpacked from about three PCS ago. Speaking of Lost Navy Traditions. Lookie what I found. Sniffle.

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