Saturday, August 06, 2022

Fullbore Friday

Listen to this story and think ... today's challenges are not really that great ... are they?

We posted this shortly after Jim's death nine years ago. I think he deserves a replay.
Jim Muri, a Montanan whose legendary flying prowess saved his stricken bomber and crew during the Battle of Midway in World War II, died Sunday at age 93.

Muri earned national recognition and became the subject of a popular song for his exploits during the battle, June 4-6, 1942. He piloted a twin-engine B-26 bomber, one of dozens of land-based aircraft that attacked a massive Japanese invasion fleet on the opening morning of the battle.

Muri’s plane endured withering attacks from Japanese fighters and anti-aircraft fire during the harrowing flight. After completing a torpedo attack against the Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi, Muri probably saved his plane and his crew by flying lower than treetop level above the deck of the massive ship. He reasoned that skimming the flight deck, end to end, gave him the best chance to survive.

You can get some nice visuals to the above interview at the 7:34 point in the video below.

First posed Feb 2013.

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