Thursday, August 25, 2022

Diversity Thursday

"What fresh he11 hath Sal brought this week?" you ask almost every Thursday. Oh my dear, sweet summer child ... there is always a fresh he11 on this septic isle of a topic.

There are Collateral Duties ... and then there are Collateral Duties.

I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy - just imagine being "that guy." Almost as bad are having to sit and listen to "that guy."

While you are reading the below pull quotes - actually you should read the whole "Solicitation: Become a Certified Diversity and Inclusion Change Agent" article - I want you to ponder the hours and money invested Coast Guard wide to do this. It isn't like the USCG cadre is big and overmanned (if one is still allowed to use this term)...but the USCG must feed Vaal, I guess;

A  group of certified Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) change agents are currently operating throughout the Coast Guard, and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (CG-127) is looking for more folks to join the team.  

Wonderful ... these guys again.

Oh yeah ... "Change Agent."  Always fun to ask these people, "Oh, you're a Change Agent. You would like to change from what to what? Details please."

Afterwards, pray for their souls.

During group training sessions, change agents expand people’s understanding of what diversity, inclusion, and equity mean by demystifying concepts such as privilege, oppression, identity, and intersectionality. They also coach leaders on embodying inclusive, aware, and empowering behaviors, and create safe spaces to discuss topics of race, ethnicity, class, gender, disability, and more.

Drah di ned um, oh, oh, oh, Schau, schau, der Kommissar geht um, oh, oh, oh.

You should laugh along with me because we told everyone starting over a decade and a half ago that all these quaint fevers from academia - once loosed and unopposed in the uniformed services - would metastasize and manifest themselves as the supported, not the supporting effort.

“By having these important, complex conversations, a supportive, respectful work environment is fostered, which leads to higher performance and wellness,” said Hope Balamani, chief of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (CG-127). “Teams with high-levels of trust are correlated with greater ability to understand, plan, program, and fulfill mission requirements, even in the face of emerging threats. Trust is developed in empowering environments where people truly feel they belong and change agents can help grow these empowering environments,” Balamani said. 

Never in human history has trust been improved by dividing people in to competing sectarian groups based on characteristics the individuals can do nothing about, then explaining to them that they are in conflict, and that there will by rewards and preferences given out - along with punishments - based on self-identified membership in these waring sectarian groups.

Change agents are a cornerstone of the Diversity and Inclusion Education and Awareness Program (DIEAP). After completing a six-month program, these agents provide diversity and inclusion (D&I) training sessions to members at the unit level as well as one-on-one coaching services to commanding officers, officers-in-charge, and program managers.  

Two pages. Even the Red Guards blush in admiration at this effort in self-criticism and professed admiration for The Party's Platform.

The new cohort of change agents must participate in ten days of training; successfully demonstrate D&I training facilitation and a DIEAP service elevator pitch, and complete a six-month, mostly self-paced practicum that includes six mentor coaching hours, 16 peer coaching hours, nine virtual labs, and a writing assignment (500-word reflective essay). 

Six months.

OK Shipmate, how many hours is this taking away from your assigned billet's responsibilities? Who is doing your work for you? If no one is, then is your command over-staffed? Can we get some savings then? Time for a manpower review? I think so.

D&I Change Agent collateral duty assignment performance expectations include the following: 

  • Facilitate D&I Training Sessions (at minimum four sessions per calendar year). 
  • Conduct D&I Empowerment Coaching sessions (at minimum three sessions per calendar year).   
  • Support activities for unit leaders and LDACs (upon request). 
  • Review, be familiar with, and comply with all published guidance from Office of Diversity and Inclusion (CG-127) and the DIEAP. 
  • Complete reports and course evaluations requested by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (CG-127) and DIEAP. 

Now, take the collective workhours throughout the USCG from each change agent's duties at each of their commands, not just the change agent, but everyone who has to participate in these activities.

Put a dollar figure on that. Better yet, make the USCG put a dollar figure on that. Oh, and show your work.

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