Thursday, March 03, 2022

Diversity Thursday

As I did once in a DivThu in 2017 when we looked again at the USCG's sad decline in to official sectarianism, there was once a time when the USCG Academy was a rare light where everyone was on an equal footing. There was no discrimination based on race, creed, color, or national origin.

As we covered in 2010, not any more.

Buried in the annual Coast Guard authorization act passed this week by Congress is wording that would strike from the U.S. Code the statement that all appointments to the Coast Guard Academy "shall be made without regard to the sex, race, color or religious beliefs of an applicant."

Under current federal law the academy is "race neutral," but the change would put it on the same footing as other colleges and universities in balancing its enrollment by admitting students from specific groups.

A dozen years later, the USCG's diversity division is not through  growing its empire well beyond the USCGA, expanding its grift. No, as  was  done  in  2010, they are using their influence in Congress to find more positions for  otherwise  unemployable people who have but one job; don't solve problems,  justify our grift.

Let's have a little detailed fun with this latest horror show of socio-political fraud;

R 221423Z FEB 22





ALCOAST 063/22

SSIC 5350


Is that pronounced "sad-E" or "sad-I?" I'm not sure it matters, but still, might want to know before you have to introduce the zampolit to your command.

A. Section 913 of the FY21 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)


Oh no  ...  we already have a style error. One never puts a reference in a message unless you are going to refer to it. REF (A) is the whole reason for this abomination, but is REF (B) mentioned anywhere? No. This makes the old N1 in me itch, but such are our best people nowadays.

1. I am pleased to announce the U.S. Coast Guard is designating Dr. D. M. Navarro (CG-1D) as interim Senior Advisor for Diversity and Inclusion (SADI).

2. REF (A) requires the Commandant of the Coast Guard to  appoint an individual to fill this position. The SADI reports directly to the Commandant.

I owe a beer to whoever wrote PARA 2. That is an insurgent mindset that lets everyone know the underground is there and waiting for the right moment. Everyone sees the, "We know this is stupid and  wasteful, but we follow laws and it is the law so we will follow it. Here, we have an underemployed Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a Master’s Degree in Education and Counseling who can fill this make work position until we can't slow-roll this further."  

Nice. Well done. We all see it, and appreciate the effort.

3. To remain the world's best Coast Guard, we must be the world's most diverse and inclusive Coast Guard. A diverse and inclusive  culture is strongly linked to the Coast Guard's Core Values of  Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty. This SADI designation strongly aligns with and supports the Coast Guard Strategic Plan and the 2019-2023 Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan. The assignment of a SADI is also in alignment with recommendations received from the RAND Corporation's Homeland Security Operational Analysis Center (HSOAC) in their Holistic Study and Analysis on the Recruiting and Retention of Underrepresented Minorities in the Coast Guard.

As eyes are rolling nationwide, someone really wants you to know why, in 2022, all of a sudden this is so important.  You see, the diversity industry created words that justify their expanded job possibilities to create more reasons to make more job positions. No problem solving you see, goodness no.

4. As SADI and in accordance with REF (A), Dr. Navarro is responsible for providing advice, guidance, and coordination for all matters related to diversity and inclusion, including:

a. establishing training in diversity dynamics and training  in practices for leading diverse groups effectively;

There will be mandatory training and videos you have to watch, I'm afraid.

b. advising on, and assisting in, evaluations and assessments of diversity;

We must have metrics to justify our political position by holding the USCG for things they  have  no control over. Giving people impossible tasks with no pushback is great for job security.

c. developing a strategic diversity and inclusion plan; and,

d. developing strategic goals and measures of performance related to efforts to attract and retain the diverse population of the United States eligible to serve in the Armed Forces.

Goodness knows, this has never been done before by anyone.

5. This designation will remain in effect until a permanent SADI is established.

6. Please join me in congratulating Dr. Navarro on her new role, and in supporting her in these duties which are so critical to becoming a more inclusive Coast Guard. 

7. POC is CAPT Laura Collins ([redacted], Deputy Director of Civilian Human Resources, Diversity and Leadership (CG-12D).

8. ADM Linda L. Fagan, Vice Commandant (VCG), sends.

9. Internet release is authorized.

If you want to know why the legions of diversity commissars grow while ships go to sea short handed, shore maintenance position unfilled etc - there you go. Congress is forcing it in order to have people in positions making the self-justifying arguments and selling their specific socio-political diktats.

Zamploits. Little more than zamploits.

Shame,  we could use CG-1D's skills somewhere productive besides as a part time zamploit, but because of Congress, we nor she have much of a choice.

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