Thursday, April 13, 2017

Diversity Thursday

A quick reminder to those who missed it the first time around. There was once a time when the USCG Academy was a rare light where everyone was on an equal footing. There was no discrimination based on race, creed, color, or national origin.

As we covered in 2010, not any more.
Buried in the annual Coast Guard authorization act passed this week by Congress is wording that would strike from the U.S. Code the statement that all appointments to the Coast Guard Academy "shall be made without regard to the sex, race, color or religious beliefs of an applicant."

Under current federal law the academy is "race neutral," but the change would put it on the same footing as other colleges and universities in balancing its enrollment by admitting students from specific groups.
It is to the Republican Party's great shame that they have let this last minute, racist act by the outgoing Democrats stand since they took power in the 2010 elections. The race-hustlers had been working on it for years, why those who value equality can't do the same is without excuse.

Let's check in with the USCG Academy and see how it has "evolved" since it started basing its existence on sectarianism and identity politics.

Diversity Peer Educators are cadets who volunteer to be the "go to people" for sensitive topics. Those distinguished cadets wear the Pin. The torch symbolizes leadership and courage while the light of the torch refers to the illumination of intellect provided by peer educators. The anchor represents the maritime heritage and the star symbolizes the connection of that heritage to the Academy. #diversity #uscga #eclipse2017
At least this makes it easy to see who the Zampolits are.

It gets better.

Who is the face of the Commissariate? Those who get their paycheck from forcing sectarian and a racialist view of the world on young men and women? Check out this guy.

Yea ... that guy

Aram is one of those "sub-conscious bias" & microaggression folks. You know, they don't have to prove you are a bigot, and you cannot prove you are not one. So ... 

You can hear more of his self-loathing prattle here.

7 affinity counsels that right out of the gate. They "encourage" first year students to tribalize themselves with a sectarian mindset. 

Leadership doesn't just turn a blind eye to division, it spot-welds incoming students to it.

Now that the Republicans have the legislative and executive branches, they have one more year for this foolishness, then no excuse. This will be a Republican position as much as a Democrat one.

How far we've come since the USCGA could not discriminate based on race, creed, color, or national origin. Now such discrimination is actually policy.

Shame on the Republicans who have held power since 2009 and have yet to reverse the open sectarian change put in as the Democrats left power......

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