Saturday, May 04, 2019

Taiwan and the Challenge of Modern Strategic Defensive Posture with Grant Newsome, on Midrats

What is a good strategy and posture for Taiwan to take for her defense? Are there things she can learn from Japan?

What is Taiwan’s posture today towards mainland China, and where are trends taking her?

To discuss these and related questions this Sunday from 5-6pm Eastern will be our guest, Grant Newsham.

We will use his recent article in the Global Taiwan Institute, Rethinking Taiwan’s Defense: Looking at the Japanese Experience, as the starting point for our talk.

Grant Newsham is a retired US Marine Corps Officer and a Senior Fellow at the Japan Forum for Strategic Studies. He served as Marine Attaché in Tokyo and was later the first USMC liaison officer to the Japanese Self-Defense Force (JSDF), and was instrumental in developing Japan’s new amphibious force. For 2019, he will live in Taiwan as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Taiwan Fellowship Scholar.

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