Thursday, May 23, 2019

Diversity Thursday

We are about to start a long-ish running series of DivThu, breaking in to bits some of the most cancerous parts of a briefing by the Strategic Workforce Council on 20 March 2019.

This week, a simple scene setter and we'll dive deeper later in following Thu this summer.

So a few things off the bat; as we noted when it was done right before the 2016 election, the previous administration left little parting gifts all over the place.

EO 13583 and Presidential Memorandum of 05 OCT 2016 are perfect examples. They were put in place and were never rescinded by the present administration - to its great discredit.

Sure, we don't have the senior leadership pimping parody-proof farces such as "Lean In Circles" in the present administration - but the beachhead of the Diversity Industry continues to expand. It is doing nothing to dismantle the deep veins of division injected in to our Navy over the last few decades.

Otherwise unemployable in the general economy, the diversity commissariat has no interest in promoting anything but division ... and the oxygen that feeds their perpetual motion machine of grievance is metrics.

Note the "more diverse" above. That is their code for "less white." There is only a problem if self-identified whites are overrepresented ... or males. 

Using their own metrics, if they really wanted the Navy to "look like America" they would be promoting the increased recruitment of white individuals for the enlisted force. They aren't asking for that though, are they?

Ask yourself, "why?"

That is the first lie they ask you to join them in. They gain their feeling of well being by the rewards they gain from those who wrap their entire life around race - and for many - that isn't about ensuring an open and just equality for all. No. As you will see , it is ugly, regressive and treats you and our Navy with nothing but contempt.

This has nothing to do with a stronger Navy. Not a more ready Navy. Not a more "lethal" Navy. No, it was never about that. 

First it is all about maintaining the diversity bureaucracy and the jobs it supports. Second, it is about getting power and using it against ethnic groups you don't like, and promoting those you do. Lastly it is about making sure you wrap #1 and #2 with another sugar and sparkle to make it look acceptable to the public.

...and it is a racialist mindset; red in tooth and claw - and will destroy anyone who, if they don't parrot the correct talking points - at least sits in supine silence.

More next Thu.

UPDATE: Can't believe I left out this part that is, really, one of the anchors to DivThu - those metrics. They are mostly garbage to begin with. Why? Note the blue part, that 5%. That's me. The last decade on active duty, I refused to respond to all race questions and always chose "other" - or "mixed race" because that is what I am. Scandinavian is as a unique culture and DNA as Iberian ... so if "Hispanic" counts, then so does that. I'm also a low single digits Iberian, so I'm "Hispanic" too, I guess. It is all self-identified garbage, as is the 8% "two or more races" section. That is a fraction of reality ... but if these are the numbers the commissariat want to use, then we'll use them. 

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