Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Georgia - a member too far

Sorry Georgia. History and Geography just aren't in your favor.

In my heart, I wish the people of the nation of Georgia all the best in life and freedom. I also fully understand the emotion and concern behind another neighbor of the bear but already under NATO's umbrella, Estonia, feelings in this tweet.
I served with Georgians in AFG and they are always a hoot out on the town, but ... I'm sorry, I don't see NATO in the cards for you.

This keeps coming up, and I wish people would ... again ... please consult your nearest Atlas. The one above will do.

As long as you have such standing border issues with Russia, I don't see any way of bringing you inside NATO's lifelines. In a sad twist in line with how history works, both you and Ukraine will have to wait for some future Russian socio-political implosion to change the truth on the ground. Until then, try to stay out of a war you can't win and make friends.

Coming inside a defense alliance with this baggage? No.

pic h/t Cory.

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