Thursday, August 09, 2018

Diversity Thursday

Though a spotty record, on the whole the US military has led the nation towards racial and ethnic unity. It only makes sense, as the record from the Austro-Hungarian Empire to Rwanda shows that entities that promote ethnic and racial divisions are inefficient, immoral, and end in division and bloodshed.

That is why it is sad to see our Navy continue to bask in the toxic stew of division and sectarianism.

This is one of those DivThu that the rent seeking, grievance mongering, patronizing Diversity Bullies that our Navy spends millions of dollars a year subsidizing are so kind to write for me.

As you read this remember all the things you've read the last week about the racist Sarah Jeong. The attitude she has towards race is fully in line with those you find working in the DOD subsidiary of the Diversity Industry.

Just read their own work.

Do you see any evidence in the below that would have you think that they have any different feeling towards white men than Sarah does? OK, I will grant you a little more diluted than Sarah, but if a bird poops in your soup bowl or in the pot that made it, you still have poop in your soup.

They try to throw chaff to draw you off like,
Our focus has since grown to encompass a much broader definition of diversity beyond the traditional demographic measures of race, gender and ethnicity.
...but do you see in their document anything else but race, gender and ethnicity when breaking down the meat of where the cancer of sectarianism and racial self-identification fraud is injected; accessions, retention, career progression and senior leaders? Of course not. As is the pattern with their ilk, they are lying to you.

Who is the one party that is "the problem" with their metrics? Who is a non-person?

Where is the Sarah tie in? Note that there is only a problem where there are "too many" white people - specifically white men. Areas where there are "too few" white people? No problem. Change the ethincities around and tell me there's no problem here. 

We should be a Navy where no one cares what color, ethnicity or glorious mixture you happen to be. Your DNA does not mean anything. You are a Sailor and a shipmate. All else is meaningless. Can you do the job and do it well? That is the only measure that matters.

The rest of this intentional support of breaking us in to racial and ethnic groups against each other is not just wrong, it is unproductive and counter to building a fair and just society.

It was wrong in the Jim Crow era as it is today. Thing is, this time the Navy has an entire bureaucracy dedicated to one thing, judging Sailors by the color of their skin, not the content of their character.

Read it below and tell me where I'm wrong.

Once you're done, find your favorite couple of Easter Eggs. I'll share mine at the bottom.

Here are my top Easter Eggs;
Multiracial NROTC Navy commissions have gained momentum as well, almost doubling in the past five years alone
Of course. Not only are more people ignoring the Diversity Bullies' AKC like breeding standards, they are rightfully judging their mates by the conduct of character, everyone else is engaging in a bit of fun with their DNA. Like my family, we can pick from three ... or all.

Here is the nasty part going forward;
The next frontier for Navy I&D is mitigating the negative effects of bias through a five-year bias mitigation strategy across four lines of effort for the entire Navy Team: Active, Reserve and Civilian.
First of all, this entire document is full of bias. Second, what is this strategy? Also, if we have bias, why are we sitting on our hands right now?

Give us names and examples of bias. We have the UCMJ for such things. If it is there, let's pull those people out now - root and branch. If you can't then, well, we know what is going on here, don't we?

Hat tip Dan.

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