Thursday, August 30, 2018

Diversity Thursday

One of the worst kept secrets in college admissions is the open discrimination by many institutions against applicants of Asian extraction based on nothing but the geographic sourcing of their DNA.

One of the most important legal cases for civil rights of all Americans to come through the courts in the last few decades is working its way above the background noise - and this is great news.

As we have stated through the years here on DivThu - the actions of the diversity industry cannot survive the light of day and transparency in the face of objective fact. 

Because so many people have a paycheck and a twisted sense of self-worth wrapped up in their sectarianism, they will fight every effort to bring us to a better place where we evaluate everyone on the basis of the content of their character, and not something as meaningless as their self-identified race, creed, color or national origin.

So, as reported from inside their own lifelines, this was a feel-good story today;
The United States Department of Justice said in a court filing Thursday morning that Harvard’s race-conscious admissions policies inflict “unlawful racial discrimination” against Asian American applicants.

“The record evidence demonstrates that Harvard’s race-based admissions process significantly disadvantages Asian-American applicants compared to applicants of other racial groups — including both white applicants and applicants from other racial minority groups,” department officials wrote.

The Justice Department’s criticism came as part of a “statement of interest” it filed in the ongoing admissions lawsuit that alleges Harvard discriminates against Asian Americans in its admissions process. Its statement is meant to oppose the University’s earlier motion that the suit be dismissed before it goes to trial.
In the likely event that this long awaited case succeeds, we have the opportunity to pull back the covers at all institutions of higher learning's admissions process. We also have the chance to see where else in our society that merit is punished on the alter of racial fetishists.

Harvard is defending itself, but not convincingly,
“Harvard does not discriminate against applicants from any group, and will continue to vigorously defend the legal right of every college and university to consider race as one factor among many in college admissions, which the Supreme Court has consistently upheld for more than 40 years. Colleges and universities must have the freedom and flexibility to create the diverse communities that are vital to the learning experience of every student,” the university said in a statement.
They need to get on the same sheet of music with their supporters though. Oops.
A broad coalition of Harvard supporters filed briefs in support of the school Thursday condemning the lawsuit and saying that it would effectively threaten diversity at American colleges.

Those groups include 25 alumni and student groups represented by the NAACP’s Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the American Civil Liberties Union, a group of economists who criticized the experts whose work was used in the original lawsuit and a group of 531 social scientists and academics who study access to college.
“Eliminating race-conscious admissions would disproportionately harm applicants of color, including some Asian-Americans,” Harvard alumni said in their filing. They contend that race is “one of many factors in its holistic admissions process,” in compliance with the Supreme Court’s demand that the use of race be narrowly tailored in the admissions process.

“Applicants’ opportunities to amass credentials that make for a competitive college application are greatly affected by race,” alumni and students wrote. “Given racial bias in standardized testing and endemic racial inequities,” they said the school must continue to consider race.
2018, and people still expect to have a charter to discriminate.

May the wheels of justice grind fine as its arc continues to bend towards justice.

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