Thursday, March 24, 2016

Diversity Thursday

Of course, the Commissars must be provided a self-confession for your lack of full support for The Party;
Marines across the Corps will be challenged on their unconscious prejudices and presuppositions as women get the opportunity to become grunts for the first time.
The Marine Corps is rolling out mandatory training for all Marines before the first future female rifleman hits boot camp, aiming to set conditions for a smooth transition and head off cultural resistance.

Mobile training teams will be dispatched to installations across the Corps throughout May and June to offer a two-day seminar to majors and lieutenant colonels, Col. Anne Weinberg, deputy director of the Marine Corps Force Innovation Office, told reporters Thursday. Those officers will then train the Marines under them.

Topics include unconscious bias, which focuses on how people prejudge others based on factors such as race and gender, and principles of institutional change. The seminar will also walk officers through the elements of the Corps' plan for opening ground combat jobs to women and include vignettes featuring challenges units might encounter.
Good people can disagree on the use and utility of this "training," but for me the problem isn't the petty and childish "I'm going to punish the Marines for making me look bad last year" vibe to it all - I've come to expect nothing less - no, it is the form of the training. There are ways to get the message out, but this isn't training; this is indoctrination.

As we have documented here over the years, the Diversity Industry is full of not just rent-seeking sectarian bigots, but also full of Cultural Marxist ideas that cannot survive long off the government teat or outside the faculty lounge terrarium.

"Unconscious Bias" is one of those logic traps the Diversity Industry uses to keep the paychecks running. It asks someone to prove a negative, which you students of logic know, is impossible.
You see, you have biases regardless of what you say or do. No, we can't prove it, but any audit we make of your words and actions, we can show that it is there. You see, we have metrics. Differences in metrics can only be a result from, at your core, that you are a racist, sexist, homophobe who can only be prevented from bringing back Jim Crow, putting all women in the kitchen making sandwiches, and pushing homosexuals off the tallest building by your organization hiring us as speakers or consultants to return over and over to accuse you of your bigotry. 
You're welcome.
We now have "unconscious bias" inside the lifelines, and in case you have not seen it yet, we also have "micro-aggression" and "safe spaces" inside the lifelines as well. This is happening because in this area at least, the Diversity Bullies we hire and promote are succeeding. 

No one effectively opposes them because they are scared that they will be denounced as being a sexist, racist, bigot, etc. Our senior leadership has invited them in. They are here, and they want control. Their job will never be done - there are jobs to justify and hate to feed.

These intellectual fascists are making a living out of fear and intimidation, and by using them and their cancerous philosophy, we are hurting the cause of bringing everyone in uniform together. This is no way to bring people together. Threats and intimidation and the squashing of open, fair, calm and intellectual debate is not an activity of a healthy culture.

Then again, that isn't the goal here. Not at all.

What can you do on your end? Calmly, respectfully, and professionally challenge their assumptions. Make them prove that anyone here is biased. Have them prove that their services are needed. Challenge them on their open questioning of your honor and how you treat your fellow Marines and Sailors.

Make no mistake, by sitting there quiet and submissive to their insults, you are agreeing with their premise.

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