Thursday, March 10, 2016

Diversity Thursday

I originally was not going to cover this, as I've been warning you about "white privilege" bullies for about half a decade, and I posted on this in '14 (a reminder to everyone to make sure and read CDRS every day if you want to be ahead of the pack). So many of you have sent this to me that it is clear that you want to bat it around a bit.

By popular acclaim then, BEHOLD!

Head on over to Judicial Watch for all the links to the fetid pile of racist hate by what is par for the course for the Diversity Industry's cadre of Cultural Marxist bigots that we have in the US military. Read it all there. The above is but a taste.

That really is the story here. Something everyone who deals with them knows. The military's branch of the Diversity Industry is largely populated by rent seeking, otherwise unemployable people who are driven - and paid - by a motivation to hate, envy, and power over others who are different than they are.

As practiced today, this is nothing more than government sponsored sectarianism. These people inject division, the opposite of the need to strive towards good order and discipline via a cohesive and unified unit.

Where they cannot find real problems - which in 2016 are unicorn sightings - they invent them. They inject their cancer in to otherwise healthy organizations so they can bask in some race based Munchausen by Proxy.

These people must be opposed as, like rust, they never sleep. I warned you years ago that something you laughed at the first time you heard it, "white privilege" and "trigger warnings" was going to be in your face, and this year they have broken through the ambient noise. It is only going to get worse. 

As many MIDN had emailed me to let me know, at even the Naval Academy, the "trigger warning" and "micro-aggression" fascists are tapping their hob-nailed boots about the halls already.

In the Fleet, it is starting to creep in as well. When we send our BA/NMP coded for diversity to conferences, as documented here through the years, this is what they are briefed on.

What can you do? Well, don't get fired over it, but slow roll it all. Let the billets be gapped. Do not fund any TAD to these conferences. Do not submit the award packages to sectarian organizations. Don't answer the data call or messages, and if you do, punk the system and be incomplete or late about it.

Hold those in your organization who promote this division in contempt as you would any person who frames their life around judging people by race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation. 

Not on my watch; not on my ship; not in my Navy. 

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