Thursday, May 28, 2015

Diversity Thursday

Is this what is was all about? To just be another walled off, whimpering gaggle to be paternalistically patronized and pittied?

A LOT of people from NAVAIR sent this to me, and so I will publish it here for the rest of you to ponder out of obligation to the underground, if nothing else. 

I hope that at a minimum there is at least going to be a good effort to shame this through lack of attendance and interest.

Before I post-n-run, a little note to my former allies in the repeal of DADT who get all warm and fuzzy about this.

You have proven our opponents correct in this one bit. You sold the honor of a good cause - a strive for an opportunity to serve our nation regardless of how you found love and desire in your private life - and have pimped it out to the Diversity Industry.

You are letting it be used to fatten the bank accounts of the forces of division, sectarianism, and the very opposite of what was the ideal we agreed we were working for - equality.

No, instead you have degenerated and debased a good cause in to just another tool to justify fraud, waste, abuse, and the never ending search for special-snowflake attention.

I don't know what is worse, how quickly you sold out your honor, or how pathetic you look panting for attention in a circle of self-licking ice cream cones.

If you find pride is this little bucket of sad tomatoes, then yeh ... in this respect ... URR was right. 

On the whole the cause was good - but the backwash of the movement - which this is - is spoiling the taste of the whole effort.

It is all, in the end, sad and pathetic.
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2015 12:04 PM
Subject: LGBT Pride Month event: 2 June

All hands,

NAVAIR is hosting a national Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month event on Tuesday, 2 June, from 1300-1400 at the River's Edge Conference Center in Patuxent River and via national video teleconference. This event features keynote speaker Brigadier General Tammy Smith, deputy chief of staff, Army Reserve, who will provide a multifaceted perspective on identity and help us look beyond preconceived notions of gender and societal roles. To read the Department of Defense memo regarding Pride Month, visit

Event registration is required. Please follow the instructions below for your site.

Patuxent River and Lakehurst:

-- Visit NAVAIR University at
-- Click on the classes tab on the top menu bar.
-- Enter "CISL-EVT-0106" in the search field, and click the blue search button.
-- Click on register in the register column for the session you wish to attend.
-- Click the yes button to enroll in the event.
-- If you can't register in NAVAIRU, email

China Lake and Point Mugu:
-- Email
-- Include your name, code, number, and session/location [CL-VTC Mclean] or [PM-VTC MIC]

Thank you,

Total Force Strategy & Management Department

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