Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Black Swan Tuesday: It's OK, Just Send us the Plan, We'll Build it Here

Every technological advance, from TNT to the airplane has found a military use. This is a world ruled by the aggressive use of force. Always has been, always will be. Every way to increase access to more force will be examined and adopted.

As such, each, "Hey - that is exciting!" moment we come to with significant technological advancements or improvements needs to looked at while wearing a Red Hat.

As such, this is quite exciting.
Scientists at GE Aviation’s Additive Development Center have made a working jet engine entirely from 3D-printed parts.

...The engine is about the size of an American football, ... there is the potential for 3D printing to help develop more complex designs with less waste than traditional manufacturing techniques.
Yes ... less weight, less bulk, less ability to intercept from point-a to point-b.

Yes, much potential.

A jet engine is an exceptionally advanced bit of kit. If you can make a jet engine ... what other complicated designs can you build - purpose built for one time or short duration use?

You thought 3-D guns were making people break out in flop sweat?

Yes, ponder.

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