Thursday, May 21, 2015

Diversity Thursday

I'm going to let someone else make my post this DivThu.

You need to read all of Jeff Edwards bit over at UnprecedentedMediocrity;
Personally, I am convinced Americans liked each other a lot more before the age of Facebook where they actually knew what each other thought about everything. So take notes America, here is the secret sauce.


That’s right. It might shock you given what I just said, but you will never find more seemingly racist banter spoken out loud than in the military. Honestly, it is just an Alpha male dog eat dog world and the dogs could care less about being offended. You see, nothing is off limits to conversation in the Marines. Not race, ugly girlfriends, your weight, your education, or just how generally stupid boot you are. It is all fair game and you better be able to give it as well as take it.

General Daniel “Chappie” James Jr. from the Air Force said this in 1970, ” The Marines don’t have any race problems. They treat everybody like they are black.” I think the movie Full Metal Jacket is a good example of the type of banter one might see to one degree or another. However, the point is, Marines generally don’t care.
But that isn't good enough; no.

Scabs must be picked, sectarianism must be nursed, paychecks must be justified.

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