Friday, September 06, 2013

Fullbore Friday

About a month ago, President Obama recognized a Marine Couple, Capt. Matthew Lampert, USMC and his wife, Capt. Camille Lampert, USMC. You can read the full story by Dan Lamothe here.

The real story though, speaks for itself;
... he and several of his Marines moved across a bridge in Afghanistan with a couple of Afghan commandos. They entered a compound they were examining through a courtyard wall.

“I got inside the courtyard and took about a half-step to my left,” Lampert said. “There was a loud, surprising explosion, a flash… my ears were ringing. I was up in the air for a little bit, and then thrown on the ground real hard. I was pretty surprised at that point.”

Lampert credits now-retired Maj. Gen. Paul Lefebvre, the commanding general of MARSOC at the time of his injuries, with asking him to become a company executive officer and return to Afghanistan.

“I told him yes,” Lampert said. “I desperately wanted to return to my guys.”
As described by the President,
“Recovery was slow: taking his first shaky steps on short prosthetics; then a new pair of knees; then full legs, taking him back to normal height. Stepping forward with two canes, then just one, then none. Learning to walk again. Learning to run — in his uniform, then his body armor. And then, just 18 months after he was injured and lost both legs, Matt — a double amputee — returned to his unit and redeployed to Afghanistan.”
In first person, spoken word;


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