Monday, September 16, 2013

Active Shooter at Washington Navy Yard

For those who are not following me on twitter or FB, there is an active shooter at the Washington Navy Yard.
The U.S. Navy says one person is injured after a shooting at a Navy building in Washington.

Police and emergency crews gathered Monday morning outside the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters building, where the shooting was reported.

The Navy says three shots were fired and that that about 3,000 people work in the building. People inside the building have been directed to stay in place.

Naval Sea Systems Command is the largest of the Navy's five system commands and accounts for a quarter of the Navy's entire budget.

It builds, buys and maintains the Navy's ships and submarines and their combat systems.

Police from multiple local and federal agencies were responding along with SWAT crews.
Our thoughts are with all the Shipmates there.

UPDATE: Have heard from a very reliable source that some of the lost today are from PEO SHIPS. As a side-note, I will not be giving tons of updates on this here, but more on twitter as re-tweets mostly for those who follow me. Major updates I will put here as short notes.

UPDATE 1726: We know who the shooter is now. I think that will do for an update for now. Let's let things tie together for at least a day. To do more is not helpful at best.

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