Thursday, September 26, 2013

Best Advertisement for NROTC this Decade

I really hope that this was a case of being misunderstood. Seriously.
In the aftermath of the case, the academy has taken added steps to stop sexual assault. Capt. William Byrne, the commandant whose role is similar to that of a dean of students at a civilian college, told reporters last month about plans to make training to prevent sexual assault a part of the regular academic work day.
OK. Go to Annapolis and have sexual assault training as part of the academic work day. Every day? Every other day? Weekly?

OK high school girls and boys, how about this instead - if you have the option, just go NROTC. Take the scholarship, get a broader understand of the people you will serve, and enjoy being a young adult with a fully rounded college experience. You'll have better social skills in the end anyway.

Let's hope he was misquoted, otherwise SAPR training either jumped the shark, or Annapolis leadership is acting like the dogs from The Thing. Take your pick.

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