Thursday, February 28, 2013

Diversity Thursday

This DivThu is a bit different - I'm a bit pi55ed off. I don't want this to get personal against a man who had a hard job and did the best he could do - but now he's just another retired guy in line at the Commissary ... so here you go.

While he was CNO, Gary Roughead couldn't have a bowel movement without playing Great White Father and paternalistically prattling on about (D)iversity like it was 1973.

All the time he was doing this, our Navy stumbled through a lost decade, left with an unaffordable string of ships and a too-big-to-fail F-35 program along with other areas of institutional delamination issues from preventative maintenance to, well ... pick your topic.

So, he takes a break from the food trough to pump out his wisdom. Was this what you heard from him when he was in uniform? Ponder ...

Good googly moogly man - if you were pounding this drum while you were in CNO, you would have had everyone with you - you could have moved mountains. I'm sorry Admiral, your record on these from optimal manning on, but -
Certain internal cost pressures in the defense budget make reductions in
spending especially difficult, but unless these areas of cost growth are addressed, they will crowd out spending in other areas and begin to remove military capacity and capability. This paper lays out a strategy to address these challenges in three parts:
(1) design a force better aligned to face future challenges,
(2) improve the efficiency and efficacy of the acquisition system, and
(3) control rising personnel costs.
Together, these reforms set the stage for a sustainable defense budget—one that preserves our capability both to face challenges in the near future and to rebuild as new challenges arise.
Here - read it all shipmates. Frankly, it has no credibility with me. He had his chance. This wasn't his priority when he was CNO, I'm not interested in his views on it now.

Gary, where were you when we needed you? Amazing, in uniform - it was all (D)iversity, all the time. You pump this out - and not one mention about (D)iversity, not one. A simple word search gets the word once - and for once you use it in a proper military context.
But our margin of error is also quite wide because of the diversity of tools we are now bringing to the fight: increased surveillance and more precise and timely intelligence attention, better border and immigration controls, layered defenses that provide more than one opportunity to identify and prevent access to suspicious individuals and organizations, and greater public awareness and resilience.
I'm going to stop now - I can't see more through the rage - and that is my problem, I know. I'll pray on that, maybe it will get better. 

The lost decade is on you. Until you address your failings, I'm not interested in your proposals to fix them. If you care so little now for what was your #1 priority when you had power - without telling us why you are changing - well - that is on your conscience, not mine.

Here it is folks, for what it is worth. Just remember - his actions are pierside now. If you find something of use, please share it in comments. I'm shifting fire and am going to look for some smart ideas from the under-40 crowd.

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