Thursday, February 21, 2013

Diversity Thursday

Let's return to one of the race hustlers we've been tracking here for a few years as he polluted the lecture at USNA and other places.

I just want to make sure you are enjoying what your taxes and the loans taken out in your children's' name is buying you. This guy has been sucking high-teet off the guv'munt for years. Yes, let us bask in the glow of Samuel Betances.

I think that this guy actually means well - but his ideas represent the worst retrograde concepts that feed the most base, bitter, bigoted, spiteful, historically ignorant parts of our national conscience. There is nothing constructive about this - it is so biased that one could argue that he may only be in this for the money and a feeling of his own moral superiority to the racists he sees all around him. That may not be what he intends - but that sure is how it comes off.

It comes off as well as some - well - George Orwell would understand.

The USDA forced its employees to watch this FOD in order, I kid you not, to make the USDA according to then Secretary of Agriculture Vilsak, to “make USDA a model employer."

Want to get the full flavor of what $200,000 borrowed from your children was used to purchase? Get the full thing with more video from Judicial Watch here.

Hat tip TheCorner.

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