Sunday, November 11, 2012


The 11th is a Sunday. Good. This Veterans Day I thought I would put out a reminder that in the strangest places, you can see that some people remember. Six years ago I posted this - and I think that it is time to share it again. This really had an impact on me when I ran in to it - still does. I seemed to have not edited the original post, so I will now.
As the Commonwealth Nations call it, today is Remembrance Day. I have always like that. More well rounded than Armistice Day or the Hallmarkish Veterans Day. On my travels one year through Europe, I came up on this non-PC memorial put up by the Belgians in a small town near the Dutch-German border. It is dedicated to the American troops that liberated that town, twice, once during WWI and again WWII. I was there on an ordinary day, yet it was very well kept and cared for. Sometimes it is hard to get through the background noise in Brussels to realize that your standard issue Belgian remembers...and understands. Maybe not their government, and probably not every citizen - but enough.
Here too as well.

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