Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Mid-water line in a falling tide

Well - there you go. You voted for it; you own it.

The President came on a great wave of support in 2008 and rode it down to here. Good enough for the win in 2012, the wave will keep moving down; it will be a messy few years methinks.

What happened? The same attitude that had McCain hold his horses and not go aggressively after Obama in 2008, was seen again by the Romney team after they picked Ryan. Played it nice and safe and lost.

For 2016, how about this. How about the Republicans not put someone on the ticket who ran and lost four years before?

I thought Obama would narrowly be defeated, and then we would watch Romney try to deal with all those things that will kick in early in 2013 - as President Obama knew they would not be popular and didn't want them around for the election. But it's not Romney who is going to have to find a way to deal with it, no; the President narrowly won the popular vote (though close to a blowout in the Electoral College). President Obama will have to deal with the monster of his own creation.

The rest of us will have to roll with it one way or another.

The Senate will remain in the dead hand of Sen. Reid (D-NV) and the House will be with the "what can I do with 1/2 of 1/3?" Repubicans whose look on their face as the wet blankets of ObamaCare, debt, regulation, and tax increases hits the nation will not inspire confidence.

Like I said yesterday, look at Argentina. They used to have a higher per-capita GDP than the USA less than a century ago.  Decline is often a choice. We made our choice. We'll talk about that here and there as it unfolds, and I'll have another post out later with some more thoughts. 

For now though, the popular vote was very tight Obama/Biden 50.2%, Romney/Ryan 48.2%, but that does not matter. A win is a win.

See you in four years after another whiplash in two; the fundamental problems are still here.

Until then, a feelgood story.
A former US Air Force pilot and the man who shot his stealth plane down during Nato's operation in Serbia have struck a remarkable friendship.
Breaking bread with the enemy is one thing. Making it together is a step that former foes do not usually take.
But in Zoltan Dani's kitchen, that is exactly what is happening. Once the commander of a crack Yugoslav anti-aircraft rocket unit, the former colonel has swapped his camouflage for an apron and now runs a successful bakery.
Even more remarkably, kneading the dough beside him is former United States Air Force pilot, Dale Zelko.


WVC said...

What I'm pretty tired of is the "play nice" afterwards. What did Romney do? Call for bipartisan cooperation? Why? Because he probably still harbors some bizarre political ambition and doesn't want to burn bridges. At this point does any right minded person think there is any "bipartisan" cooperation with this administration other than doing whatever they want?
How about, instead of being a weak-kneed compromiser, Romney saying, "I call on every and all right minded people, senators, congressmen, and governors to do everything in their power to thwart this administration at every pass and to try to salvage what's left of our country. For the sake of our children and they're children, take your dang plowshare and beat it into a sword. Stop looking for common ground and start taking ground."
I guess only in my dreams.

Anonymous said...