Monday, November 12, 2012

Do you feel that?

Those who have been to sea or have a few thousand hours in an aircraft know what I mean.

Everything seems OK. All the instrumentation looks right - nothing drastic seems to be going wrong ... but you can feel that something is off.

If you are standing, it comes up your feet; is sitting your spine. Somewhere, something is going wrong; there is a subtle change in the feel. A bearing going ... something leaking .... something shearing .... you don't know right away as there are no primary or secondary indications quite yet ... but you know it is there; and you know it isn't good.

Economists have similar things. Over at ZeroHedge, Tyler is wonk'n on the divergence of Crude Oil from the Baltic Dry Index.

Read, ponder, and add it to your mix. 

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Anonymous said...

Also known as the "Oh Sh*t. This is going to hurt." moment.