Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Faux SWO

First things first; our Navy owes LT Chris Carter, USN an apology.

LT Carter worked very hard to be a Submarine Officer. That is no easy task by any stretch. Nothing against the Surface community, natch, but really people. Don't take away the man's dolphins.

Here is the screenshot for the http://www.navy.com/careers/engineering-applied-science/surface-warfare-officer.html page.
Why take someone who has a ligit accomplishment and turn him in to a Potemkin SWO? 

This is what I really want to know. Who decided that they wanted THAT officer to represent the Surface community SO much that they were willing to take the chance that someone would notice that the supposed SWO is sitting in front of a Ballast Control Panel in some training facility? 

Who was the person who was told, "Ummmm, that guy is a submariner - look at his warfare pin." and then said in reply, "I don't care. Get a photoshop geek to make that man a SWO." ? 

Seriously. No good SWO-Daddy pics out there? Had to steal from some geeky 1120? As if SWOs needed something else to be insecure about.

Who was it that made this call? Why did they make the decision to do that arguably not that bad of a photoshop job? Why did they think that would be an appealing picture to motivate someone to be a Surface Warrior? Seriously? 

For those who want to get the full glory of the $.02 photoshop; here is a good PNG of the pic. Zoom in, it ain't that bad really.
Chris, shipmate - until they move your pic, every SWO owes you free beer. 

Oh, in case there is anyone out there still wondering .....  
Thanks to my friend Perry & his buds over at FB for sending this my way.

UPDATE: Need a SuperSWO pic? Here you go.


Anonymous said...

Are we even sure these guys are in the Navy? You sure it isn't Actor-LT Chris Carter? He theoretically went through Nuke School/Prototype/Sub School the same time I did. There were like three black guys...he was not one of them.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time a SWO got an expeditionary medal?

Anonymous said...

No...he's not an actor, served on the boat with him...good guy

Anonymous said...

He's definitely in the Navy. He and I were both part of a recruiting video series filmed in 2008 that's still up on the Navy website (I'm LT Winbigler in the videos). Most of us were from the USS Jefferson City, but he was on shore duty in Millington at the time. This particular picture was taken at the Dive trainer on the sub base in San Diego. I'm currently a nuke recruiter, and I show the videos to most of my applicants. I hadn't seen this photoshop job yet, but I find it interesting. They had a female nuke SWO in some of the videos too. Why wouldn't they use a picture of her?

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