Wednesday, September 05, 2012

A Book Review - Shipmate Style

What does a Froggy look like on the top rope? Kind of like this.
If you want to know what happens during classified SEAL operations, then nut up and join the fight yourself. You should be satisfied that you are being protected and served by exceptional men who are entitled to your respect if not your gratitude. You are not owed the inside scoop on how we do our business. Rest assured our activities receive oversight from your elected representatives, our chain of command, and most importantly the integrity of the vast majority of the operators. We are not gladiators in the arena to entertain you, and by supporting works like this you are helping to validate a very ugly aberration of our most closely held beliefs.
'Nuff said.

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Anonymous said...

Snort. How about these books:
"FIRST SEAL" by Roy Boehm
"COMBAT SWIMMER" by Bob Gormly
"ROGUE WARRIOR" by Richard Marcincko
"NAKED WARRIORS" by Draepper Kauffman
"LONE SURVIVOR" by Marcus Luttrell

If this book contributes to the Depussification Anthology above which can inspire young men to be more than the wimps and girlie men that are glorified by the MSM, then WTF-ever, bring it on.