Saturday, January 07, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Midrats!

This Sunday starting at 5pm and ending when EagleOne gets tired, we're having ringing in our third year of Midrats.

Yes friends, believe it or not we are on our 105th episode!

Two years behind us, and a third in front. Though we already have some great guests lined up in the upcoming weeks, as a way of saying thanks to everyone for tuning in, for this show we are going to try something a little different - we are going to turn the tables on ourselves.

This time, it is our friends, listeners and regular guests who will get to ask the questions and visit for awhile.

What would you like the hosts to talk about? Is there a topic you would like us to address that we don't? Well here is your chance.

The number to the switchboard is (347) 308-8397. Give us a call.

Join us live if you can and pile in with the usual suspects in the chat room where you can contribute your thoughts and observation - if you are too chicken to call in.

If you miss the show you can always listen to the archive at blogtalkradio - but the best way to get the show and download the archive to your audio player is to get a free account and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.


LT B said...

Thought I'd share this for discussion:  It is an essay by de Atkine, Why Arabs Lose Wars.

It is rather interesting and discusses cultural awareness of the enemy when strategically planning.  Their culture may have a bit to say about how they fight.

LT B said...

<span><img></img>  </span>
Decision-making and responsibility

<span><span>Decisions are highly centralized, made at a very high level and rarely delegated. Rarely does an officer make a critical decision on his own; instead, he prefers the safe course of being identified as industrious, intelligent, loyal — and compliant."</span></span>

Is this the intellectual environment of the Navy now?

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