Friday, November 11, 2011

Fullbore Friday

You remember Fallujah, right?
Magaoay was peering up the stairs, standing guard for his fellow Marines, when a young Arab male (later estimated to be no older than sixteen) emerged from the bedroom door located to the left and fired a three round burst into the back of the unsuspecting Marine’s head.

Anderson and MacMillan were stacked against a door leading to the house’s living room, getting ready to enter, when they heard the shots ring out. When the two peered over, Blake’s shooter was in the process of throwing a grenade at the two remaining Marines. The two hastily sprinted across the hall and dove for cover in an opening under the stairwell. A loud explosion roared through the house when the pineapple grenade detonated. Dust and debris thickened the murky hallway and MacMillan, without giving any thought, immediately emerged from under the stairs where he saw Blake Magaoay’s motionless body laying at the foot of the stairs and an armed man attempting to step over him in order to make a dash upstairs.
Today - read it all.

Hat tip YN2.


ewok40k said...

Urban combat is hell, ask veterans of Stalingrad (few still are alive), Arnhem, Hue...
Marines in Falujah proved that no amount of smart weapons is going to change some things in warfare, and in urban combat tenacity counts above all. Perfect FBF for Marine corps birthday!

Anonymous said...

Thank God we have young men and women still willing to put service before self to protect our nation.  Thanks to all our veterans.

DeltaBravo said...

Profound gratitude for all of you who put your lives and health and safety on the line so that this kind of battle would not need to be fought on our soil, in our cities and in our homes.

UltimaRatioRegis said...

Yes, I remember Fallujah. 

I do want to mention that the Marines in the April fight were just as incredibly skilled, tough, and brave.   For political (read: corruption) reasons, they were not able to finish the fight.

James said...

The Afghaines are going to hate us no matter if we came in with the cure for cancer. They are alergic to change of anykind and simply lack the fundamental cultural nessesary for a modern republic or democracy. Maybe a confederacy of tribes but thats about it.

The bad thing is even if they want more freedoms they dont have a choice. Iran and Pakistain wont let them make that choice. And we lack the manpower or will to do what is nessesary to stop it.

Should have just gone in and obliterated every city and turned all the fields to dust. The bombed whatever poked its head out.

Yea i'm in one of those moods today.

pk said...

maybe letting god sort them out isn't such a bad idea.


Byron said...

Just be glad they got to finish the job and do it the right way. Maybe after that they started to believe what Gen. Mattis told them?

AW1 Tim said...

God Bless them all.